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Blockchain-Powered Data Security for the Enterprise

Change Or Breach

Restore digital trust by transforming the way your data is monitored, accessed, and stored.

Executive Visibility into Data

Know the digital truth about who is accessing what data, from where, and how often. ALTR Monitor provides Data Access Intelligence, helping everyone who is accountable for data understand how it's being used.

Automated Real-Time Breach Prevention

Enforce your data governance policy 
in real-time with ALTR Govern. Any unapproved data request can be slowed down or stopped as it is made, and all events and responses are stored immutably.

Keyless At-Rest Protection

Reduce data theft vectors to nearly zero with ALTR Protect, which tokenizes and fragments data into your private blockchain. Avoid the vulnerabilities and functional impact of key-based encryption and traditional tokenization.

Product Details

A New Paradigm

Four years of research. Fifteen patents and growing. The ALTR platform's high-performance blockchain technology is enterprise grade.

Not a Cryptocurrency

We don’t transact in coins, nor do we issue our own.

Not a Public Blockchain

Our patented private blockchain technology is focused on empowering the individual enterprise.

Not Just a White Paper

Our team has worked for over 4 years on practical, scalable blockchain technology.

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