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CDOs and CISOs both need to ensure the company can get full value from their data. But they can have different priorities. CDOs want real-time data access while CISOs require real-time data security. Ideally one solution could enable both.

ALTR's unique data access governance and security capabilities along with our SaaS architecture enable an automated, scalable, real-time single source for data access truth across your modern data stack - without the hefty price tag or long, complicated implementation.

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Our Customers

See why these companies choose ALTR for scalable data access governance and data security across their enterprises.

ALTR’s easy-to-use solution allows Virgin Pulse to leverage Snowflake object tagging to automatically apply data masking to thousands of tagged columns across multiple Snowflake databases.

Andrew Bartley

Director Data Governance and Management

Virgin Pulse

“Our business moves at lightning speed, and we found a soul-mate in ALTR across all dimensions: elegant technology, customer centric, modern and affordable,”

Joel Kocher



“ALTR provides the next generation of data security technology... providing the ultimate level of protection for our financial institutions’ account holders.

Lou Senko

Chief Availability Officer


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When Texas credit union TDECU began planning its cloud migration strategy, protecting member data and ensuring regulatory compliance were essential.

See why TDECU turned to ALTR

If you need to…

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See normal data usage and easily identify abnormal access

Get a baseline for normal data access with data heatmaps and analytics. See which sensitive data is used, by whom, when, and how much in a normal day. Easily identify outliers and abnormal access so you can set policies to eliminate it.

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Enable a full 360o view of your business via BI tools

If you’re using a shared service account to access Snowflake data for your BI solution, you might have to exclude sensitive data because you can’t see who’s accessing it or ensure it stays safe. ALTR can fill in that security gap.

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Securely migrate sensitive data to Snowflake

In order to migrate and consolidate data in a cloud data warehouse, your Snowflake data security has to be just as powerful as your datacenter's. ALTR's integrations with our ETL partners can tokenize sensitive data on the fly so it lands securely in Snowflake.

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Keep highly sensitive data from database admins

Sometimes there's data so sensitive even your Snowflake admin shouldn’t have access. Sounds tricky, but our unique combination of access controls, alerting and tokenization ensures no one gets access without data owners knowing.

Tags & locks

Got Snowflake?
Get Governing Now.

With ALTR’s free Snowflake Partner Connect integration for data access governance and security, you can automatically classify and tag sensitive data with a checkbox. Add role-based data access controls with a click. Select dynamic data masking from a drop-down menu. Start governing data in less than an hour, without SnowSQL.

Stop wasting hours on manual tasks and focus on more high value data projects. Start for free and upgrade for more databases and users when you're ready.

Control and Secure Sensitive Data at Scale

with Automated Policy Enforcement

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Automated, tag-based, column and row access controls on PII/PHI/PCI data

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No-code, dynamic data masking on sensitive and regulated data

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Integrations with data catalog and ETL solutions extend automated policy enforcement and security across your modern data stack

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Industry-first Data Usage Heatmaps and drill-down Analytics Dashboards

and Patented Data Security

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Data access rate limiting sends an alert, slows, or stops abnormal data access to halt credentialed access attacks

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ALTR's Tokenization-as-a-service enables easy, scalable cloud data security. Our open-source integration with Matillion tokenizes data in the ETL pipeline

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Seamless integration with existing SIEM/SOAR enterprise InfoSec tools deliver real-time security alerts

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Smart DB drivers stop SQL injections and limit risk of breach

Data Access Governance and Security Across Your Data Ecosystem

See how ALTR integrates with your existing data stack

Enterprise Data Access Governance and Security at

Your Scale

ALTR can grow with you from one or two cloud databases and a handful of users to thousands of users across hundreds of cloud data warehouses. Because we are a true SaaS solution, you can start small yet get all the powerful data access control and security features you need.

No six-figure contract, no six-month implementation, no conference room of consultants. Try it today with our Free Plan on Snowflake. Start by skipping the SnowSQL; then scale up with additional users and databases when you need them. Control and secure your sensitive data at your speed and scale.

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Secure and scale your enterprise data governance in just minutes with ALTR.

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