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The Future of Data Security is Programmable.

ALTR's programmable data security and governance embeds directly into application code, neutralizing privacy and breach risks from even the most privileged access.

How It Works

“The most advanced data governance and protection technology on the market.”

Adam Blue

Programmable Data Security places zero-trust security and governance into the critical path of data access using smart database drivers or API calls. This enables a dramatically more effective, more portable, simpler data security model.

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Software-Embedded Solutions for Data Security and Privacy

ALTR empowers application teams to deliver assurance along with innovation, fueling growth and saving money without adding breach or compliance risk.

Making the Cloud Safe

Modernizing applications means removing your reliance on infrastructure control. By embedding in code, ALTR lets you unplug legacy applianceware and safely take advantage of the cloud.

Compliance with the Future of Privacy

GDPR. CCPA. How many people in your business can see your sensitive data? ALTR creates unmatched visibility and control, reducing data access risk and cutting the cost of compliance dramatically.

Data Warehousing

By transforming how data is monitored, governed and protected at-rest, your largest data asset is no longer your largest data risk.

The ALTR Platform

An innovative, comprehensive suite of products with a smart database driver or API serving as a single integration point. An advanced cloud-native platform leveraging private blockchain technologies. Easy to use and maintain tools for security and compliance team members.

ALTR Monitor

Creates a comprehensive, immutable view of who is accessing specific data, when, and how often – a compliance officer’s dream.

ALTR Protect

Adds a keyless vault that obfuscates at-rest data and solves for the performance and security concerns that often make encryption unworkable.

ALTR Govern

Introduces a data valve that stops breaches in real time by automatically enforcing who can access what data, when, from where, and at what volume.

Success with ALTR: Q2 (NYSE:QTWO)

A highly successful public software company powering the digital experience for over 400 banks, credit unions and fintechs which represent more than 13 million banking customers embedded ALTR to provide next-generation data monitoring, governance, and protection at-rest.