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Powerful Data Security. Delivered as a Service.

ALTR enables application and security leaders to mitigate the risk and compliance burdens for all of your organization’s sensitive data through a simple, portable, cloud-native service.


A zero trust, continuous security model


Rapid install, integrates easily, centralizes policy

More Portable & Scalable

Secures data everywhere, across most datastores

ALTR Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner

ALTR Data Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) Brings Fast and Scalable Governance, Observability and Protection to Cloud Data, Assists with CCPA/GDPR and PCI DSS Compliance

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“The most advanced data governance and protection technology on the market.”
—Adam Blue, CTO, Q2

Our Data Security as a Service covers all of your data, from your datacenter to the Cloud.

Data Access Monitoring as a Service

Creates a comprehensive, tamper-resistant record and visibility into who is accessing specific data, when, and how often – unmatched capabilities supporting compliance.

Data Access Governance as a Service

Provides data governance with run-time policy controls by automatically enforcing who can access what data, when, from where, and at what volume.

Data At-Rest Protection as a Service

Adds a keyless vault that tokenizes and secures at-rest data, solving for the performance and security concerns that often make encryption unworkable.

Brings you into compliance today. Equips you for the future of compliance tomorrow.

Ensures the privacy and security of sensitive PII, PHI, and PCI data. Mitigates the risks behind over 50% of material security and privacy events:

Data Security


Credentialed access threats and privileged access abuse


Direct access to the database threats


Governance of data consumption rates, thresholds, and locations

Data Privacy


Immutable records of access and consumption of sensitive data


Dynamic masking of sensitive data to support privacy


Ultra-secure, low-latency tokenized data storage off your network

Success with ALTR: Q2


Enterprise Banking Customers


million end users

Q2, a multi-billion dollar digital banking solutions company, selected ALTR to create Q2 TrustView, which is helping 400+ Q2 enterprise banking customers and over 13 million end users with unmatched data security. Visit Q2 Trustview, powered by ALTR »