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End the Threat to Data.

ALTR's transformational, blockchain-based data security platform permanently neutralizes the privacy and breach exposures created by humans inside of enterprise networks.


“ALTR is in a strong position to establish a new global standard in data security.”

Our patented blockchain and smart driver technologies enable a simpler, more powerful, and more scalable data security model.

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Breakthrough Solutions for Persistent Data Security and Governance Challenges

ALTR neutralizes human factor threat scenarios that no other solutions can solve. That means you can confidently execute strategic business transformation initiatives.


of data breaches originate from human risk factors

197 Days

the mean # of days before a data breach is detected


the average cost of a breached data record


average cost of a mega breach of 1mm records

The ALTR Data Security Platform

A comprehensive, enterprise data security system built upon revolutionary blockchain and smart driver technologies, with the express purpose of neutralizing data privacy concerns and breach threats that arise.

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ALTR Monitor

A comprehensive, immutable view of who is accessing specific data, when, and how often.

ALTR Protect

A keyless vault that renders at-rest data useless for bad actors, but fully operational for the business.

ALTR Govern

A real-time data valve that automatically enforces who can access what data, when, from where, and at what volume.

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We Partner to Deliver the Future of Data Security.

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Our partners are building new lines of business, creating competitive advantage, and delivering unprecedented new privacy and breach protection with transformational, blockchain-based data security.

  • Managed Service Providers and MSSPs
  • Independent Software Vendors
  • System Integrators
  • IT Strategy and Security Consultants