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Data Governance for the Data-Driven Enterprise

Quickly and easily understand, govern, secure, and get the most out of your data.

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We've entered the Age of Data.

Data is valuable.

The cloud makes it easier than ever to get value from data. The benefits of the data age are real: better decisions, better products, happier customers, and a significant competitive edge.

But it's also risky.

Privacy regulations require controlling data risk before mining data for value. Worse, fines assessed per record mean traditional “all or nothing” access controls are no longer enough.

And hard to manage.

You need to understand where your sensitive data is, control access to it, and protect it from credentialed threats in real-time, at cloud scale, across your entire infrastructure. It’s a hard job.

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That's why we built ALTR.

ALTR is the industry’s first no-code, cloud-native platform that simplifies control over your data so you can focus on getting value from it. Understand where your sensitive data is, how it's being used, and mitigate your data risk.

Zero Deployment

Support your modern infrastructure through a central cloud platform.

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Increase Visibility

Understand how data is being used, and by whom.

Remove Silos

Govern data access from a single location, without writing any code.

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Mitigate Risk

Mask, tokenize, and place limits on data use. Proactively respond to potential threats.

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Maximize Investments

Connect enterprise governance and security tools to maximize their value.

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The ALTR Platform

ALTR delivers data governance, security, and intelligence as a service, simplifying control over sensitive data and ensuring that the right data flows to the right resource at the right time.

How ALTR Works
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Data Governance

Create policies to mask, tokenize, and control access to data across the enterprise. Then, mitigate the risk of credentialed threats and associated regulatory penalties by controlling how much data can be consumed.

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Data Security

Automatically respond to policy violations and prevent sensitive data from being viewed in the clear. Integrate ALTR into your existing SIEM/SOAR tools and incident response process.

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Data Intelligence

Classify sensitive data to better understand your data risk. Record granular details around each request for data to learn how it’s used and who your top users are.

Try it now.

ALTR makes governing and securing your data easy so you can focus on getting value from it. Get a free trial of ALTR's platform with Snowflake to see how it works.

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Success with ALTR: Q2

The most advanced data governance and protection technology on the market.
Adam Blue, CTO, Q2

Data Security is Hard. We Make it Easy.

Traditional data security is complex, requiring dedicated teams to architect, deploy, and maintain while lacking the flexibility to change when you need it to. We built ALTR to solve this problem, delivering data security as a service so you can spend your time using your data, not protecting it.

Simplified Management

Create granular policies from a centralized cloud platform without writing code or installing, maintaining, and scaling components in your infrastructure.


Secure structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in any cloud and across cloud data platforms.

Cloud Scale

Enterprise data security backed by the flexibility, performance, and scale of the cloud.

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Enterprise Banking Customers


million end users

Q2 TrustView

Q2, a multi-billion dollar digital banking solutions company, selected ALTR to create Q2 TrustView, which is helping 400+ Q2 enterprise banking customers and over 13 million end users with unmatched data security. Learn more about Q2 Trustview powered by ALTR.