Control and Govern BI Tool Data Access

Are worries about data security stopping you from including sensitive data in BI tools?

When you have thousands of business intelligence users, it’s often easier to set up a shared service account to access Snowflake data. But when you have thousands of users, you often have terabytes of data to share and protect. With a shared service account, you can’t see the data individual users are accessing, limit sensitive data access or keep it safe from excessive downloading. 

See what BI users are doing and stop data threats

ALTR’s BI user governance gives you visibility into the data users are consuming through your shared service account and the ability to stop any out-of-normal requests. You’ll gain a better understanding of how your data is being used, by whom, and how much, as well as patented protection against data threats.

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A quick Tableau configuration allows you to gain visibility into individual user activity and stop data access when out of compliance.

Scale Free and Scale

You can use BI tools across your company without worrying about sensitive data exfiltration or insider threats.

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ALTR’s patented thresholding technology can stop a breach in its tracks and limit potential reputation damage.

You need all the data to get the whole picture. With ALTR's solution, you can securely share sensitive data in analytics tools across the company to deliver a full 360o view of your business. 

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