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Automate and simplify data governance with Collibra

ALTR and Collibra combine to help you manage complex data governance programs across your enterprise with an integrated solution to automate access control and policy enforcement.


Every day more and more people need access to sensitive data. You need a way to manage that access at the speed of your business.


With ALTR and Collibra

With ALTR and Collibra, you can grant more access to more meaningful data confidently, quickly, and easily. By combining Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud with ALTR’s SaaS platform for complete data control and protection, you can increase visibility into your data usage, automate policy implementation to ensure regulatory compliance, and manage your enterprise data governance and security at scale.

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Automatically map Collibra privacy requirements to ALTR: Eliminate manually configured and maintained access controls to save you time and ensure consistent enforcement.

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Streamline data access: When data owners approve requests in Collibra, access is automatically granted through ALTR.

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Increase visibility into data usage: Send detailed records of each data request and usage analytics to Collibra.

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Simplify audits and regulatory reporting: Stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape and use data securely.

“We’re excited to partner with ALTR and showcase the power of the integration between ALTR’s market-leading data control and security platform and the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud.”

Stephen Campbell

Stephen Campbell, Vice President, Technology Partnerships, Collibra

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