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Virtual Fireside Chat: Get the Secret to Better Analytics Insight and Oversight

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Virtual Fireside Chat: Get the Secret to Better Analytics Insight and Oversight

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About This Fireside Chat

Businesses today have to engage in a delicate balancing act between the governance and security of data and the speed of execution. As the volume, sources, and velocity of data flowing into an organization continue to increase, it becomes harder for the data and compliance teams to properly catalog, track, and protect this important asset. Erring on the side of caution creates a stranglehold on the amount of new data available for analytics, data science, and operational automation. Too lax a stance, on the other hand, results in unsustainable exposure and risk.

Organizations have been chasing a way to automate the collection of data lineage and provenance, as well as improve the security of that data, for decades. But without tight integration across a number of tools and platforms, this goal  has proved difficult to achieve. And without that metadata, it’s difficult to know which of that myriad data requires comprehensive governance and security.

Matillion's Chief Product Officer, Ciaran Dynes, ALTR CTO James Beecham, Collibra VP of Product, Chandra Papudesu, and AWS Principle Solutions Architect Sudhir Gupta discuss the challenges organizations face and how better metadata sharing between partners, accelerated in a cloud-native, serverless processing environment provides a fast lane for both development and oversight.

Watch this fireside chat to hear about:

  • The inherent tension among the quality of data governance, the comprehensiveness of data security, and the speed of data pipeline development
  • How tighter, automated integrations between ETL, data catalog, and data policy and security solutions, can help organizations move quickly and securely
  • The advantages offered by a cloud-native data platform that makes it easier and faster to share and analyze the data
  • Details on Matillion, Collibra, ALTR, and Amazon Redshift’s collaboration
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