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Easily control and secure sensitive data in the cloud. With ALTR's Free plan in Snowflake, you can reduce time on manual tasks and deliver more value, more quickly. See how>>>

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Get going in minutes with no code, no contracts, no cost, no consultants and... really, no hassle, on our at-your-fingertips cloud-based platform.

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Sign up here or connect to your Enterprise Edition Snowflake account via Snowflake Partner Connect to get started.

Control user data access easily, without code

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See what data is used, by whom, when, and how much with our industry-first interactive Data Usage Heatmaps and drill-down Analytics Dashboards.

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Control access to your sensitive data so only approved users can see it – no code required.


Quickly apply flexible, dynamic data masking over PII like social security numbers or email addresses to keep sensitive data private.

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Get auditable query logs to prove privacy controls are working correctly and make the governance team happy.

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Protect cloud data automatically

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Use our patented, rate-limiting threshold technology to alert, slow or stop data access on out-of-normal requests.

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See how individual BI tool users pull data even through a shared service account. Stop individual access when it exceeds normal limits.

Scale up to manage more users and more databases, when you’re ready

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Utilize automated tag-based access controls and dynamic data masking to manage data governance at scale when you go from just a handful of data users to thousands.

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Integrate with data ecosystem partners like Collibra to automate policy enforcement and Matillion to automatically tokenize data in the cloud. Add data sources like RedShift and AWS.

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Get secure yet operable data protection with patented data tokenization-as-a-service.

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