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Easily control access and secure sensitive data with ALTR's free integration in Snowflake Partner Connect. DBAs, Data Engineers and Data Architects can drastically reduce manual tasks (or hand them off completely) and deliver more data value, more quickly.

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Get going in minutes with no SnowSQL, no contracts, no cost, no consultants and... really, no hassle, with our SaaS cloud-based platform.

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With ALTR, you will have these capabilities at scale:


Data Tokenization and Format Preserving Encryption

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Dynamic Data Masking and  Data Access Governance

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Database Activity Monitoring

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Open-Source Data Catalog and ETL Integrations

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Data Discovery and Classification

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Advanced Data Protection

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Format Preserving Encryption

Secure your data using ALTR's Format Preserving Encryption offering. Built off the industry leading FF3_1 algorithm, this method adds an additional layer of at-rest security, while maintaining data usability through determinism alongside length and format preservation.

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Maximize protection, and reduce compliance burden using ALTR's SaaS Tokenization Vault. Ideal for securing highly sensitive data, such as PHI or PCI, without sacrificing performance.

Protect, and Monitor

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Database Activity Monitoring

Monitor all access to sensitive data controlled by ALTR with rich query logs. Alert security teams when data access surpasses normal thresholds.

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Data Classification

Identify what data is sensitive through built-in data classification or your own classification method. Use classification insights to automatically control data access.

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Data Usage Analytics

Easily identify how much data specific users are accessing. Easily analyze access trends over time to ensure policy is properly configured.

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Dynamic Data Masking

Protect sensitive data with column-based and row-based access policies and dynamic data masking. Scale policy creation with attribute-based and tag-based access control.

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