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Simplify Complex Data Governance Processes

Large enterprises face increasingly complex data governance challenges. The use of data has proliferated throughout the company, leading to massive growth in the number of access requests and complicated governance and security programs to manage the surge in demand. While in the past, these teams might have seen one or two requests a week, now they’re dealing with hundreds. At the same time, rapidly shifting regulatory requirements require access be granted securely, with ongoing updates necessary to keep up with changes.

Finding scalable, automated solutions to grant access safely has been difficult. Instead, enterprises have been forced to manually create users and assign them appropriate roles and views, leaving room for error and providing no easy way to audit and prove policies are working correctly. Over time, managing enforcement of governance policies at scale has become a chokepoint resulting in delayed access to data, risk of noncompliant access, and reduced ability to focus on more profitable priorities.  

Automate and simplify data governance with ALTR

There are some tools to help enterprises with this, but they’ve traditionally been very costly and complex, creating a high barrier that leaves companies doing this time-consuming and error-prone work manually.

ALTR eliminates the long rollouts and high costs, while also making it simpler and easier for data governance teams to implement policies and confirm they’re working:


No-code policy implementation: Because ALTR doesn’t require any code, governance teams can implement policies themselves. With a few clicks, they can turn on access controls, apply masking policies, and set thresholds to automatically limit access when policies are violated.


Automated integration with enterprise governance tools: For companies that already have tools such as Collibra or OneTrust, our API integrations make implementing policies even easier. ALTR pulls existing rules into the platform and applies controls automatically.


Visibility into data usage: Every request for data is observed and viewable via ALTR’s data usage analytics features. Our heatmap provides an at-a-glance look at who your top users are and what data they’re accessing. Data Analytics allow you to drill down for more detail. You can immediately see if policies are working on every request.

Enterprises struggling with costly, manual data governance processes can turn to ALTR for a solution. With ALTR, data engineers can off-load policy implementation, data governance teams can execute policies themselves and see that they’re working, or the company can integrate with existing enterprise data governance software for a complete solution.
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