Automatically manage data governance at scale

Data Governance Tool

Is data access management spiraling out of control?

As the use of data has spread throughout your company, the requests for access have grown with it. In the past you or your developers might have seen one or two requests a week, but now you’re dealing with hundreds. At the same time, you have to make sure your policies keep up with changing regulatory requirements. If you’re managing this manually, you’re leaving room for error. And all of this takes time away from what data teams should be  doing: using data to create value for the company.

Manage your data governance with automation

ALTR's SaaS implementation eliminates the long rollouts and high upfront costs of traditional data governance tools. It’s also simpler and easier for you to create policies and confirm they’re working. You can affordably manage your data access and security at scale.

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No-code policy set up and management: With a few clicks, anyone can turn on access controls, apply data masking policies, and set thresholds to automatically limit access when policies are violated.

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Integration with data catalog tools: ALTR pulls existing rules from tools like OneTrust and Collibra into the platform and applies controls automatically.

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Visibility into data usage: Every request for data is viewable via ALTR’s data usage analytics features. You can immediately see if policies are working and prepare for audits.

If you’re struggling with slow and time consuming data governance processes, ALTR can help. Data teams can more easily manage policy enforcement or hand off to governance teams. Data governance teams can create and apply policies, then see that they’re working. Or you can integrate with your existing enterprise data catalog software to automate access based on the policies you’ve already set.

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