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Fully-Integrated Data Governance with Alation

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Today, companies have to utilize data to generate value while governing it in compliance regulations. If you’re using Alation, you’re a step ahead. You can gather all your essential data and offer it easily to business users to solve mission-critical business problems. However, as you make this data available throughout the company, you’ll face the sensitive data question: what data is sensitive and how can you control access to it?


An Easy Way to Classify and Control Sensitive Data in Snowflake.
The last thing you need is another tool to buy, integrate and manage. “How long will it take to implement? How will it work with our data ecosystem” and the kicker, “How much will it cost?” Many solutions require a six-month implementation, on-premises installation, and a long-term contract. And they cost six figures to start and don’t integrate easily with modern data solutions.  


Fully-Integrated Data Governance with ALTR and Alation

ALTR was built from the cloud up to solve the sensitive data challenges you’re facing, without high costs or complexity. ALTR’s open-source integration for Alation can help you do it quickly, simply, cost-effectively and seamlessly.

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Native and No-code: ALTR offers no-code data classification and access control that leverages Snowflake’s native data governance features.

Scale Free and Scale

Start Free and Scale: Start with ALTR Free and upgrade easily to expand your governance footprint. As a SaaS solution, there’s no long-term commitment, no up-front cost, and no long implementation.

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Get Going Quickly: Add ALTR Free to your Snowflake account through Snowflake Partner Connect. Classify data, apply row- and column-based controls, and set up data masking in a few minutes, with a few mouse clicks, no SQL coding required.

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Open-Source Flexibility: With ALTR’s open-source integration for Alation, you know it will work with your existing data governance solution. You decide when to add ALTR and configure it for your processes.

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A Single Dashboard: ALTR creates a classification report, feeds tags to Alation, and then automatically enforces policies with role- and row-based access controls and masking in Snowflake directly from Alation. And, because there’s no code required, the team creating your company governance policies can be the same team who applies and maintains them with ALTR, all through Alation’s interface.

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