Data Modernization, Regulation, Democratization and the CDO

Data Modernization, Regulation, Democratization and the CDO

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Data Modernization, Regulation, Democratization and the CDO

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It was amazing to soak up the data ecosystem at Snowflake Summit a few weeks ago, but until we meet again, one way to stay up to date on all the last industry topics is by watching what our partners are talking about...virtually. Below are some of the most interesting recent blog posts…  

Matillion + Snowflake: Increase Your Speed to Insight with Data Modernization

Today’s insight is tomorrow’s old news so getting there quickly is critical. This blog post shares how data modernization preparation through automation allows enterprises to spend less time getting data ready for the ETL process and more time finding those nuggets of knowledge. Snowflake and Matillion get users there faster. (Snowflake also clearly sees the power of the combination...)

BigID: Utah Pushes Privacy Legislation to the Forefront

Another state, another privacy act. While a new federal privacy regulation is making the rounds, the Utah legislature unanimously passed the Utah Consumer Privacy Act (S.B. 227) on March 3, 2022 — one day before it adjourned for its 64th session. The Governor who will have twenty days to decide whether to sign, not sign, or veto the bill. If signed, this would become the fourth state privacy act in the United States following California, Virginia, and Colorado. BigID explains how they can help customers comply with the new regulation – and all state, federal and international privacy laws.  

Alation: How Fifth Third Bank Democratizes Data Access via a Data Mesh with Alation and Snowflake

Despite being one of the largest and well known US consumer financial services institutions, Fifth Third Bank did not have the proper structure to support their data growth needs. Alation stepped in to help the bank democratize data usage by creating a more self-serve structure ¾ delivering the right people the right data to do their jobs. We heard a lot about the idea of “data mesh” at Snowflake Summit so it’s interesting to see it in the wild.  

Snowflake: A CDO’s Field Guide to Finding Value in Data

The rise of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) was one of our top 2022 predictions, and it looks like Snowflake is seeing it come true. CDOs are taking the lead on modernization, creating the data value chain and delivering data-driven insights that require collaboration across the organization. This blog post explains how the other “D” in “CDO” is “diplomacy” and provides some tips for demonstrating the value of data and its impact across the business.  

After Summit, we’re curious to see the next hot industry topics! Don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted.  

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