Find, Classify and Control Sensitive Data

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Do you know where your sensitive data is?

As more data, columns and databases are added to your data warehouse, you need to ensure regulated information like PII, PHI and PCI are governed. But column headers can be deceptive, and the wrong data can get mixed in. Are you supposed to spend hours checking row by row? That’s practically impossible when we’re talking about millions of rows. Yet knowing what data is sensitive is the foundation for data access governance and security.

Data Classification in ALTR

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Automatically classify data with Snowflake or Google DLP and receive results in minutes.

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ALTR sends Google random fields based on the number of columns in the database. Google returns categorized and tagged columns at the confidence level required.

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See classification results in ALTR’s Classification Report. Apply policy based on categories and tags. Use ALTR’s open-source integration with Alation to classify data within Alation Data Catalog.

If sensitive data isn’t identified, it’s impossible to protect, leaving gaps in both privacy and security. ALTR integrates data classification into our  policy enforcement engine, allowing users to automatically find, tag and enforce governance policy on data easily, all from the ALTR interface.

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