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ALTR partners with data ecosystem leaders like Snowflake, Matillion, Tableau, and more to protect regulated data like PII, PHI and PCI in the cloud. We ensure our customers’ sensitive data stays secure yet free to deliver data-driven insights that impact the business.

ALTR’s cloud platform enables seamless integration with enterprise data tools to migrate, ingest, transform, store, govern, secure, and analyze data in the cloud. Together, we can solve your toughest enterprise data governance and security challenges.

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“ALTR’s focus on Snowflake users and their ability to protect their sensitive data at the highest level embodies the commitment our partners have to our joint customers' success.”

Tarik Dwiek

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances, Snowflake

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We partner with data ecosystem leaders to migrate, ingest, transform, store, govern, secure, and analyze data in the cloud. Together we can solve your toughest enterprise data security and governance challenges.
ALTR leverages AWS to achieve SaaS architecture, security and scalability to deliver our industry leading solution.
Manage your data governance within Alation and avoid conflicting tools, long implementation, complicated policy management, and high costs with ALTR + Alation. 
Analytics8 helps businesses leverage data to make smarter decisions through consulting and data management solutions.
Atlan and ALTR represent a strategic alliance of best-in-class solutions in accordance with Snowflake Horizons, realized through direct integrations to seamlessly support Data Compliance, Security, Privacy, Interoperability, and Access.
CDW is an authorized ALTR Reseller, representing ALTR’s SaaS-based Data Access Governance and Data Protection Solution for Cloud Data Platforms to over 300,000 enterprise clients covered by their 3,600+ sellers.
Carahsoft is an authorized ALTR reseller, representing ALTR’s native Snowflake data protection solution. Carahsoft is The Trusted Public Sector IT Solution Provider, supporting Federal , State and Local Government agencies and Education and Healthcare markets.
FIRN is a specialist cloud analytics company with over 20 years of data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics experience helping organizations achieve their data and analytics goals. 
Initiate robust data governance and advanced data protection capabilities all from within Matillion and enjoy one simple solution for secure cloud data migration earlier in your data architecture.
This integration delivers data governance deployment and implementation at scale. Passerelle manages role mapping through our API integration, simplifying access privilege policy management.
Sigma democratizes data exploration with a spreadsheet-like interface, empowering users to analyze real-time data in cloud warehouses without code.
phData successfully helps with end-to-end services to architect, deploy, and support machine learning and data analytics on Snowflake, earning them Snowflake partner of the year two years in a row. 
ALTR’s native Snowflake integration allows you to easily and quickly connect, discover and classify sensitive data, and apply access and masking controls without code.
“Matillion and ALTR address a critical need in the market - securely migrating sensitive data from on-premises data stores to the cloud.”
Ciaran Dynes
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