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Snowflake Summit Preview: What Happens in Vegas... Transforms the World of Data Collaboration

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Snowflake Summit Preview: What Happens in Vegas... Transforms the World of Data Collaboration

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The ALTR Team is just a few days out from taking off to Las Vegas for Snowflake Summit 2023. Members of our team – from Product Designers, to Engineers, to Business Development Execs – are anticipating an exciting event ahead. In preparation for Summit 2023, we asked a few members of our team what they are most looking forward to.

A Consolidated Data Ecosystem

I am looking forward to seeing our whole “data” ecosystem around Snowflake in one place at Snowflake Summit. It will be a great opportunity to connect with individuals from other companies in the ecosystem. At the same time, I look forward to meeting Snowflake customers and prospects to discover their needs.
- Ami Ikanovic, Application Engineer

SnowSQL, Open-Source Drivers, and the API Ecosystem

As a software engineer dealing a lot with our Snowflake integrations, I'm looking forward to several of the Snowflake Summit speaking sessions that feature Snowflake engineers and team members. Specifically, the ones around SnowSQL improvements over the past year, what's new in data governance and privacy, open-source drivers and the Snowflake API ecosystem.
- Ryan DeBerardino, Senior Software Engineer

Advancing Partnerships

I am eagerly anticipating attending this year's Snowflake Summit for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a fantastic opportunity for collaboration with my colleagues, enabling us to exchange ideas and insights that will enhance our work. Secondly, I am excited about the prospect of meeting and engaging with peer executives from Alation, Analytics8, Collibra, Matillion, Passerelle, and Snowflake as their expertise and experiences can provide valuable perspectives for our own business strategies. Additionally, I am eager to learn about the latest technologies showcased at the Summit, as incorporating these advancements into our partner strategy will undoubtedly accelerate our growth and success.
- Stephen Campbell, VP Partnerships and Alliances

The Speed of Innovation

I am most excited to see what new features and offerings each of the different providers have produced in the last year.  We work in such a dynamic and fast-moving industry, and conferences like Snowflake Summit are an amazing, concentrated way to showcase the speed of innovation.
- Ted Sandler, Technical Project Manager

ALTR + Matillion = <3

We’re anticipating Snowflake Summit 2023 to be a huge success. With the waves that ALTR has made in the data ecosystem this year, I’m excited to get to connect with our customers and partners in the greater data community. I get to share a speaking session with Laura Malins, VP of Product at Matillion on Thursday, June 29 at 11am about the convergence of Analytics, Governance and Security in West Theatre B. I am looking forward to collaborating with Laura in this session and connecting with attendees throughout the event.  
- James Beecham, Founder, CEO

The Best Event of the Year

I’m looking forward to seeing, in person, the countless Snowflake customers ALTR works with day in and day out. Having the opportunity for face-to-face discussions about new challenges they are tackling and how ALTR may be able to help is what makes Snowflake Summit the best event of the year for us.  
- Paul Franz, VP Business Development

ALTR-itas and After-Hours Events

I couldn’t be more excited about ALTR’s 2nd year attending Snowflake Summit and our 1st year sponsoring after-hours events. We’ll be going from dawn till dusk on Tuesday June 27 with our sponsorship of Passerelle’s Data Oasis and the big Matillion Fiesta in the Clouds. It’s such a great opportunity to meet up with some of our favorite partners and customers as we dance the night away. I hope we see you there!
- Kim Cook, VP Marketing 

Customers Drive Our Roadmap

With data governance being such a hurdle for many companies, there are many speaking sessions covering this topic at Snowflake Summit. These governance sessions themselves, the questions asked in them, and the follow-up conversations that we participate in are the most interesting. We have great current and future customers that help drive what we build, but listening to a broad range of voices and seeing what everyone else is doing is what makes me very excited for Summit 2023.
- Kevin Rose, Director of Engineering

Data Governance and Accessibility

This will be my first-time attending Snowflake Summit and I’m so excited to meet and mingle with folks in person! As a product designer, it’ll be so valuable to speak with some of our users firsthand, get feedback on how ALTR’s platform has made data governance more accessible, and catch up on all the exciting developments in the Snowflake community.
-Geneva Boyett, Product Designer 

We’re looking forward to all that Snowflake Summit 2023 will teach us, and we hope to connect with you there. Below are all of the places you’ll be able to find us in Vegas next week! See you soon!

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James Beecham + Laura Malins Speaking Session: June 29 @ 11am – West Theatre B

Data Oasis with Passerelle: June 27 @ 6pm – The Loft NV above Cabo Wabo

Fiesta in the Clouds with Matillion: June 27 @ 8pm – Chayo Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar

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