Keep highly sensitive data secure, even from admins

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Can you keep sensitive data away from database admins?

Cloud data platform admins have virtually unlimited control over a company’s instance. If they wanted to obtain highly confidential data, they easily could. But sometimes you want to make that data available to approved users, to better understand how payroll affects your cost of service, for example. But your admins don’t really need that access, and even an admin's credentials can be stolen or misused.

Know immediately when data is accessed and stop unauthorized users

Protecting sensitive data from privileged admin access requires both a SaaS-based tool for tokenization that sits outside the cloud data platform and the ability to put usage limits on data requests. A data governance tool alone can’t solve this problem. Only ALTR delivers the combined solution.

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ALTR’s unique combination of features – secure data tokenization, user access controls, and real-time alerting – mean data can’t be accessed without alerting key people and the amount of data revealed is limited, even to admins.

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Data owners can be confident that if sensitive data is accessed, they’ll be notified immediately via their preferred channel (Slack, E-mail, Teams) and able to stop any unauthorized use

This level of protection lets you include the most sensitive data in your cloud data warehouses to deliver business-changing insights.

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