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Wherever you are in your Snowflake journey, ALTR can help. Our no-code Snowflake integration for data access control and security lets you make more data available to more users more quickly and safely.
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Snowflake provides powerful native data governance features. But you have to write SQL to use them - a manual process that takes time away from data projects, introduces risk, and slows Snowflake use and adoption. Snowflake data governance from ALTR can help.


Accelerate Snowflake Time to Value

ALTR’s native Snowflake integration allows you to easily and quickly connect through Snowflake Partner Connect; add your databases; discover and classify sensitive data; and apply row level security and dynamic data masking via menus, without code. You can do all of that for free. When you need to scale up to govern larger data sets, add more databases or Snowflake accounts, or apply more powerful Snowflake data security, upgrade to our Enterprise plan and get to Snowflake value faster.

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Scale Snowflake Data Governance and Security with ALTR

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SaaS Snowflake integration: No proxies, application modifications, or changes to end user behavior required. Start fast through Snowflake Partner Connect and scale up as you need.

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Automated data discovery, classification, and usage analytics: No code to write, no data to export, no dashboards to create. Your SQL programmers can focus on other tasks.

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Native Snowflake control, just easier: Privacy managers and governance teams who created the policies can automate policy enforcement without writing code. Scale across hundreds of databases and Snowflake accounts to manage access for thousands of users.

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Patented security to protect sensitive and regulated data: Snowflake data access rate limits and Vaulted Tokenization reduce risk and safeguard PII, PHI and PCI data from credentialed access threats or breaches.

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“Through their native cloud integration with Snowflake’s platform, ALTR’s approach to providing visibility into data activity in Snowflake’s Data Cloud is providing a solution for customers who need to defend against security threats.”

Omer Singer

Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy, Snowflake

Premier Snowflake Partner

ALTR became a Premier Snowflake Technology partner in less than 7 months, a founding member of the Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program in Nov 2021, and earned the Snowflake Financial Services Competency badge a little over a year into our partnership.
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