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Secure cloud data migration
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Your cloud data migration and consolidation project is one of your top priorities for the year. With ALTR and Matillion, you can keep on track by ensuring that the most sensitive data is migrated securely, automatically.  


When sensitive data is deemed too risky to move to the cloud, it can slam the brakes on your data migration project.


Secure data migration to Snowflake

With ALTR, Matillion, and Snowflake together, you get a simple solution for secure cloud data migration earlier in your data architecture. With one click in Matillion, ALTR will automatically tokenize data as it arrives in Snowflake, allowing your data governance implementation to shift left® - initiating robust data governance and data security capabilities at the source and ensuring the policies remain attached to the workload throughout the data journey to the cloud. Because ALTR uses “deterministic tokenization,” the data stays available for analysis by your users and can be utilized by other systems. You get more value from your data consolidation project when all your data is migrated and shared securely.

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Overcome cloud data migration risks

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Scalable SaaS solution:
Our cloud-based solution allows companies to shield data wherever it may be.

Certification PCI DSS

Level 1 PCI Security provider: We deliver the maximum level of commercial protection available for highly regulated data.

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Safe yet operable: Tokenized data cannot be reassembled without going through your governance controls, but data is still operable and available to your application stack.

PCI certificated

Easy and automated cloud data migration security:
Ensure that sensitive or regulated data is protected automatically when migrated to Snowflake.

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“Matillion and ALTR address a critical need in the market ⁠— securely migrating sensitive data from on-premises data stores to the cloud. Together we help companies fulfill their digital transformation projects and help keep them compliant with regulatory, governance, and security regulations.”

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Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer, Matillion

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