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Data is more essential to business than ever. Companies from the largest financial services down to the smallest local shops use data insights to reduce costs and better serve customers. And they need solutions to keep sensitive data secure in the process.

ALTR (al·tr [/ôltər/]) is the only automated data access control and security solution that allows you to easily govern and protect sensitive data in the cloud – so you can gain more insights and value from more data in less time.
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ALTR was founded by a core team focused on solving difficult data privacy and protection challenges in algorithmic options trading technology. They quickly realized it wasn’t just the trading industry facing these challenges.

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Today, hundreds of companies and thousands of users leverage ALTR’s data governance platform to gain unparalleled visibility into data usage, automate data access control, and secure data with patented rate-limiting and tokenization-as-a-service, all in minutes instead of months.

ALTR’s partnerships with modern data ecosystem leaders enable seamless on-premises-to-cloud protection. Our SaaS-based platform, no-code interface, and pricing that scales with customer needs help companies become data-driven in record time.

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With more than 35 patents and employees in Austin, Texas, Melbourne Beach, Florida, and across the US, ALTR is leading the industry with solutions to tackle the most challenging data privacy and security problems.

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Life at ALTR

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ALTR Advisors

Dave Sikora

Board Director and CEO Advisor at ALTR, a Board Director of Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU), Cognota, Loop & Tie and Amberleaf. Previously served as Executive Partner for Teakwood Capital.

John Swainson

Former President of Dell Software, Former CEO of CA

Scott Abel

Founder and Former CEO of Spiceworks, Co-Founder of Motive

Jason Truppi

Former Cyber Special Agent for the FBI, Director of Security at Tanium, Cybersecurity Fellow at the Center for Strategic & Int’l Studies

Mike Hermus

Former CTO at the Department of Homeland Security

Mike Maples, Sr.

Former EVP of Microsoft’s Worldwide Products Group and “Father of MS Office”

Anthony Catanese, PhD

President Emeritus, Florida Institute of Technology