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About ALTR

ALTR was founded by a core team whose previous work was in algorithmic options trading technology. A requirement of that business was to locate servers inside of the cages at the 14 options exchanges where they were executing trades.

Without physical access to those servers themselves, they had no idea who did have access, and they took on huge risk every day by sending and storing highly sensitive data through untrusted infrastructure.

They tried everything to solve the problem. Encryption and tokenization. Database firewalling, governance and monitoring products. Nothing worked for them.

After successfully exiting that business, they started ALTR to figure out a way to solve the intractable problems they had faced on Wall Street.

They realized that by delivering data security as a service that could be integrated directly into the application workload, protection and governance could be simpler and stronger.

This approach also made security portable, meaning it went wherever the workload went, independent of infrastructure, and scaled naturally with the application itself.

Today, with over 26 issued and allowed patents and over 50 employees in Austin, Texas and Melbourne Beach, Florida, ALTR is an innovator in data security. Following in the footsteps of other companies who have delivered endpoint security, identity access management, and SIEM tools as a cloud-native service, ALTR’s Data Security as a Service is a transformative solution for the most pressing problem in cybersecurity today: protecting the security and privacy of sensitive data.


ALTR Advisors

Mike Maples, Sr.

Former EVP of Microsoft’s Worldwide Products Group and “Father of MS Office”

Jason Truppi

Former Cyber Special Agent for the FBI, Director of Security at Tanium, Cybersecurity Fellow at the Center for Strategic & Int’l Studies

Fred Burton

Former counterterrorism agent with the US State Department, author, one of the world’s foremost authorities on security

Mike Hermus

Former CTO at the Department of Homeland Security

John Swainson

Former President of Dell Software, Former CEO of CA

Scott Abel

Founder and Former CEO of Spiceworks, Co-Founder of Motive

Anthony Catanese, PhD

President Emeritus, Florida Institute of Technology