ALTR Selected as a Finalist for Best of FinXTech Awards

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ALTR Selected as a Finalist for Best of FinXTech Awards

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We are proud to announce that ALTR has been selected as a finalist for Bank Director’s Best of FinXTech Awards, in the category “Best Solution for Protecting a Bank.” This selection recognizes the power of our data security as a service (DSaaS) platform to protect the sensitive data created, stored, and shared by financial software applications.

Our DSaaS approach to safeguard data embeds governance and at-rest protection natively into applications. That allows application teams to implement security during the development cycle and then hand off the management of governance and protection policies to security and compliance teams, rather than having security added as an afterthought by IT departments. This approach results in better protection from breaches and intrusion for application data.

The highest level of data protection for financial services software

ALTR DSaaS has been adopted by companies in diverse industries. The FinXTech selection particularly cited our work with Q2 eBanking, a multi-billion dollar digital banking solutions company that selected the ALTR platform to create Q2 TrustView. ALTR renders the data used by Q2 TrustView virtually inaccessible to bad actors, providing the highest level of protection for the account holders at the financial institutions that Q2 serves.

Through the Best of FinXTech Awards, Bank Director recognizes the efforts of emerging financial technology solutions that best help a financial institution grow revenues, create efficiencies, or reduce risk. Bank Director, a leading information resource for banking leaders, awards its Best of FinXTech to top-rated financial technology companies in seven different categories. Awards are based on Bank Director’s analysis of each solution’s capabilities, which includes phone interviews with each of the finalists and their banking clients, in-depth case studies on each solution, and the votes of a panel of industry experts.

Mika Moser, President of Bank Director and FinXTech, offered more perspective on ALTR’s selection: “As a trusted resource for U.S. Banks, Bank Director are excited to recognize technology companies, like ALTR, who are driving real growth for financial institutions through new products, increased security, and operational enhancements.”

By delivering DSaaS, ALTR allows developers to embed data monitoring, governance, and at-rest protection natively at the application layer. Supported by private blockchain technology, our platform provides an API and scalable smart database drivers that make it possible to virtually eliminate data access risks, making applications more portable and cost efficient to implement and maintain than traditional applianceware or outdated endpoint security systems.

We are pleased that Bank Director, which connects U.S. bank leaders with technology partners driving innovation, has recognized us with this selection.

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