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Are security concerns blocking your data migration project?

Cloud data migration is critical to the business. It’s going to deliver so many advantages: reduced infrastructure costs, increased scalability, integrated data insights, and seamless data sharing across the company. To get the full effect, you have to include sensitive data. But if the data is too sensitive and too risky to move to the cloud, your project could come to a screeching halt.

Move sensitive data to the cloud safely with ALTR

Companies have various options for keeping sensitive data from prying eyes, but tokenization provides the best solution to securing data while keeping it available for analysis.  ALTR uses “deterministic tokenization” so that data stays available for analysis by your users and can be utilized by other systems, while being completely secure.

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Scalable SaaS solution lets you shield data throughout your ecosystem – in cloud platforms like Snowflake, AWS, or even in other SaaS applications.

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With ALTR, tokenized data remains operable so you can run analysis on it, integrate with your application stack, and derive insights from it. The tokenized data cannot be reassembled without you knowing and approving it.

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ALTR integrates with leading ETL providers to ensure data is secured throughout the data migration process.

You’re moving the data because you need to use it. With ALTR's tokenization-as-a-service, your project can move forward with a solution that keeps data safe yet operable. You get all the benefits your migration project promised.

Migrate Sensitive Data

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