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How to Easily Migrate and Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud

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Consolidating your business data in a cloud data warehouse or platform like Snowflake Data Cloud is a smart move that unlocks innovation and value. All your data in one place makes it easier to connect the dots in ways that were impossible or unimaginable before. Getting those insights is a process that starts with moving the data and ensuring that it is an ideal state for analysis. An extract, transform, and load (ETL) technology partner simplifies moving or loading the data from each of your company’s locations into a cloud data warehouse and transforming the data to make it analytics-ready in no time. Moving data, like handling data migration to Snowflake, is what these companies do best.`

Data governance and sensitive data security are not their priority, however, which is a tremendous concern when the most valuable data is often the most sensitive – both to the business and to bad actors. Confidential information like customer PII, which includes email, home addresses, or social security numbers, if breached, would create significant risk of legal exposure and to your reputation making cloud migration data security a big concern.

The need for high levels of data protection and secure access can cause significant tradeoffs in data usability and sharing, which adds risk and complicates matters for analytics teams. Even the built-in security and governance capabilities of data warehouses require a level of database coding expertise that is costly to implement and time-consuming to manage at scale. Distributed enterprises need a thoughtful yet simpler approach to cloud migration data security that keeps sensitive information airtight and doesn’t slow down access and progress.

Use this guide to chart a path to overcome cloud migration risks and security challenges.

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How to Easily Migrate and Protect Sensitive Data in the Cloud

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