Sensitive data in Snowflake
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Top 10 Questions About Your Sensitive Data on Snowflake

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Snowflake makes moving your data to the cloud quick and easy. But including sensitive data can add a layer of complication that could slow you down.

Ask yourself these questions to find out if ALTR can help you know, control and protect your sensitive data on Snowflake, without the hassle:  

1. Do you know which data you have in Snowflake is sensitive or regulated?  

2. Is your data classified into types like social security # and email addresses?  

3. Can you easily see who has accessed your most sensitive data in the last 2 weeks, when and how much?

4. Can you create access controls on sensitive data without using SQL or other code?  

5. Can you grant access to new data in less than 10 minutes?  

6. Can you apply data masking on a column of sensitive data with just a few clicks?

7. Can you limit the amount of data someone can download per minute, per hour or per day?  

8. Can you see and control the data Tableau users are accessing?  

9. Can you prove that data governance policies are working correctly?  

10 Do you spend less than 2 hours per week monitoring data access, revising governance policies and adjusting data controls?  

Bonus question:  

Can you set up all of this in less than 60 minutes, for free?  

If you answered “No” to even one of these questions, ALTR’s Free plan can help you today. Unlike data governance solutions that take 6 months to implement and cost at least 6 figures, we built our solution to simplify data control and protection for busy data architects, engineers and DBAs so you can focus on getting value from data without disruption. In just 10 minutes you can control 10 columns of sensitive data and get unlimited visibility into all your data usage in Snowflake!  

No code, no complexity and no credit card required. Get started now...  

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