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See Who’s Using What Data

In the mad rush to become data-driven, companies have opened up the gates of data insight across the business. More and more data are used, viewed and consumed throughout the company by more groups and more individuals. But sometimes a critical step is skipped: gaining visibility who’s using what data, where, when, and how much.

Without that visibility, how can you know what normal data usage is and set controls to stop abnormal activity? How can you know your policies are working the way they should be?

See data usage with ALTR

Seeing who is really using what data when and how much is important across the enterprise: Governance teams can easily check to see that policies are working, and security teams can see for themselves who is actually accessing which data in order to understand risk. ALTR provides features which make visualizing and understanding data use easier than you thought possible.

ALTR monitors and records each request for data along with metadata around the request, including user, time, and the number of values returned, giving you unparalleled insight into your data:


ALTR Data Usage Heatmap: get a high-level, at-a-glance view into how data is being used. You can look across user groups to see who your top roles are, what data they’re accessing the most, and drill down to see more detail. You can quickly see if some roles have access to data they shouldn’t.


ALTR Data Usage Analytics: dig into data usage to see which users made the request and when. You can then take action to correct the behavior by adjusting access policies or having a conversation with the data user.

Data usage visibility allows you to ask the next important question: why does a user need the data? Once you understand the data use reason, you can create “purpose-based access controls” that only allow that data to be accessed by that user at that time in that amount. Ensure your sensitive data is effectively controlled and protected, and the risk to your data is minimized.
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