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Do you know who’s using what data?

In the rush to become data-driven, companies have opened data access across the business. But sometimes the ability to see who’s using what data, when, and how much is missing. Without that data observability, you can’t know what normal data usage looks like or set controls that stop abnormal activity, without adding friction to business-essential work.

Get data observability with ALTR

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ALTR monitors and records each request for governed data, along with user, time, and the number of values returned. You get unparalleled insight via our Data Usage Heatmap and Analytics.

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Quickly get detailed visibility into data use that may be invisible to you, watch over time to understand normal patterns, and easily spot abnormalities that could indicate risk.

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Create more effective, optimized governance policies based on how the business actually utilizes data in normal operations.

Data observability is important for teams across the enterprise: Governance teams can build more customized policies and easily check to see that they’re working correctly. Security teams can see for themselves who is accessing data in order to measure risk.
ALTR makes visualizing and understanding data use easier than you thought possible.

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