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CDOs to database admins to line-of-business teams choose ALTR to govern and secure sensitive data in the cloud. Easy-to-use, no-code data access controls keep sensitive data safe in Snowflake, starting for free. Ecosystem integrations with data catalogs and ETLs to keep data secure through the entire data journey.

Texas Dow Employees Credit Union

When Texas credit union TDECU began planning its cloud migration strategy, protecting member data and ensuring regulatory compliance were essential.

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Q2 eBanking

Q2 explains how to migrate from on-premises databases to cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, mitigating risk while maximizing data strategy with ALTR.

From Our Customers

"ALTR’s easy-to-use solution allows Virgin Pulse to leverage Snowflake object tagging to automatically apply data masking to thousands of tagged columns across multiple Snowflake databases."

Andrew Bartley

Director Data Governance and Management

Virgin Pulse

We’ve been able to scale our tokenization utilization 1000% easily with ALTR as our Snowflake usage has increased, allowing us to add more sensitive data, expand to additional users, and extract even more value from Snowflake.

Cole Kardys

VP of Data and Analytics

Redwood Logistics

“Our business moves at lightning speed, and we found a soul-mate in ALTR across all dimensions: elegant technology, customer centric, modern and affordable,”

Joel Kocher



“ALTR has automated everything I attempted to do manually…We went from taking weeks to manually code and QA and test access policies to, with ALTR, doing it in minutes.”

Chris D.

Cloud Architect

Data access governance and security. Simple.

Secure and scale your enterprise data governance in just minutes with ALTR.

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