Simple, scalable data access governance

Scale data access policy across your entire organization. ALTR's dynamic data masking protects sensitive data at runtime with a cloud-native policy engine.

A code-free solution to sensitive data security

Powerful masking options

Easily mask common sensitive data types with out-of-the-box masking options for email addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers, and more.

Real-time policy updates

Changes to policies are immediately implemented across all protected data.

Rate-limited and time-based masking

Enhance masking rules to account for real-world access requirements, such as limiting access based on time, day, and amount of data access.

Customized masking behavior

Extend masking policies to easily integrate with your existing security tools or integrate data masking with ALTR’s format-preserving encryption and tokenization options.

Scalable masking policy

Easily scale masking policies through powerful data classification as well as with attribute and tag-based masking rules.

Automated row filtering

Automatically secure access to particular rows within a table with ALTR’s row access policies. Easily define, deploy, and scale row access policy creation through a simple no-code interface.

Column and row-based access control

Dynamically mask individual columns or filter entire rows from query results to ensure access to authorized users.

Tag-based data masking

Scale data policy assignments through attributes and metadata. Integrate tag-based masking with data catalogs and ELT/ETL to protect data at ingest and ensure the right policy is applied to the right data.

Integration with advanced data protection

Integrate ALTR’s masking solution with format-preserving encryption or data tokenization to seamlessly control access and protect sensitive data at rest.

Start Securing Your Data in Minutes with ALTR