Easy, complete control over data. For everyone.

Whether you manage a few users or thousands, one database or hundreds, you can save time, reduce errors, and minimize risk around sensitive and regulated data, wherever it lives, with ALTR. Start for free on Snowflake. Upgrade and expand to solve complex data governance and security issues across your data ecosystem.
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Understand your data and how it’s used, add data access controls and privacy masking, and mitigate your data risk. All for free.


/ data user / month

Free for life

Connect to your Snowflake Enterprise or above account
Automated data discovery and classification with data tags
Data usage analytics
Column-level access control
Dynamic full or partial data masking
Risk-based thresholds
Auditable query logging
BI tool shared service account visibility and protection


Scale governance controls, simplify and automate implementation, and integrate with enterprise governance and security platforms.


/ data user / month

Billed Annually

All features in Free, plus:
Snowflake native classification and object tag integration 
Tag-based access controls and masking policies
Management API to automate configuration and reduce manual tasks
Multi-organization management
Data catalog integrations
Data export to SIEMs and security data lakes
99.9% uptime SLA

Enterprise Plus

Leverage the complete ALTR platform across your enterprise with increased data protection and dedicated support.

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All features in Enterprise, plus:
Connect to Redshift, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, and more
Database driver integrations 
Proxy integrations 
Critical tokenization 
Virtual Private ALTR
Enhanced SLAs