The 2023 Data Governance Landscape

The 2023 Data Governance Landscape: Setting Data Privacy Goals

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The 2023 Data Governance Landscape: Setting Data Privacy Goals

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It’s no secret that Data Governance, PII, and Data Security were among the most talked about topics in Q4 of 2022. Security breaches were rampant and technology teams continued to feel stretched thin, while sensitive data was sometimes unwittingly left unprotected and at risk for exposure. We’ve compiled some key guidance from our partners and industry leaders to help you implement strong data governance in 2023 – from simplifying the definition of data governance, to emphasizing the importance of scalability and automation within your data governance plan.

Alation: Key Insights: Forrester’s New Data Governance Solutions Landscape

This blog, written by John Wills, Field CTO at Alation, takes a look at data governance from a wholistic perspective – explaining the big picture of creating a data governance plan for your organization, while recognizing certain aspects that may vary between companies. Wills teaches us that your company’s data governance solution should exist cross-departmentally and shares that people often miss the mark when their data privacy exists in a vacuum.

Tableau: Keep Your Data Private and Secure

Sheng Zhou, Product Manager at Tableau, writes about the importance of data privacy and protection – specifically from the perspective of protecting and securing PHI to meet HIPPA laws. Zhou shares that, regardless of the type of data you’re protecting, it is a critical business component to be vigilant about securing your sensitive data. Zhou mentions that data governance and data privacy are so important, these processes have to be part of normal and everyday business operations.  

BigID: How Strong Data Governance With BigID Drives Down Privacy Compliance Costs

Peggy Tsai, Chief Data Officer at BigID, discusses how having strong data governance can help drive down your privacy compliance costs, and, at the end of the day, can save your company a lot of money. Tsai begins this blog by explaining certain laws around data privacy (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and what can happen to your company when the GDPR requests a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). Tsai provides an in-depth analysis outlining the importance of strong data governance, so your company can avoid errors, legal fines, and the headache when you receive a DSAR.

Alation: Becoming a Data Driven Organization in 4 Steps

In this blog post, Steve Neat, GM EMEA at Alation walks through tangible steps you can take to ensure your organization is data driven. Neat explains that becoming a data driven organization isn’t just about adding new technologies to your tech stack, it truly requires full investment from all stakeholders. Neat shares how Data Governance plays a huge role in being a data driven organization, by creating processes surrounding where your data is stored and who can access it. Agility is a key factor in data governance – ensuring your organization is in the driver’s seat of protecting your data.

As uncertainty continues to rise in numerous business sectors across the globe, we’re seeing people recognize the need for strong data governance as well. We’re here to help you ensure your organization is ahead of implementing and streamlining a data governance plan. ALTR’s free plan is the perfect place to start - you can automatically discover, classify, and tag sensitive data with a checkbox. It’s easy to get going in less than an hour with no SnowSQL required. 

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