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Bad Habits Data Governance and Data Security Teams Need to Break

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Bad Habits Data Governance and Data Security Teams Need to Break

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As part of our Expert Panel Series on LinkedIn, we asked experts in the modern data ecosystem what they think is one bad habit data governance teams and data security teams should break? Here’s what we heard…

James Beecham, Founder & CEO @ ALTR

Believing there is a wall between the two teams. More and more governance and security are becoming the Business Prevention Teams(trademark) because they refuse or cannot work together. The winners going forward will have these two teams working hand-in-hand with data pipeline engineers to place active security and meaningful meta data collection to use directly in the pipeline. This means classify data as soon as you pull it from source, have automated rules to encrypt or tokenize based on classification, leverage tags and metadata to land data in the cloud data warehouse with all the necessary information to plug into the RBAC model etc. The Spiderman finger pointing memes have to end internally...

Ethan Aaron, CEO @Portable

I think security and governance have to be engrained in data teams from day 1 as non-negotiable. Otherwise, there will always be a back and forth argument over priorities.

Fred Bliss, Head of Data and AI @ 2nd Watch

Organizing efforts in large groups - especially with governance councils and people/process improvement. Start these things with a small group of people, make everyone accountable for something important, and expand it over time. There's nothing more ineffective in a steering committee than one that's so big that nobody is accountable for making the changes needed to push the organization forward.

Ethan Pack, President @ The Pack Group, Inc.

Stop taking an ivory tower approach. Similar to enterprise architecture, these practice areas affect a firm's DNA and ability to change. These things should be treated as a team sport. I really appreciate what Fred Bliss shared - there should be a small core team serving as the central pole for the big tent of data governance and security. Starting with everything and everyone is a recipe for ineffectiveness or outright failure, but the intersections and dependencies with other enterprise-shaping areas must be covered to mitigate silos and finger-pointing, to James Beecham's point.

Nick Popov, Manager Architecture and Integrations @ TDECU

Perhaps, stop treating data as a commodity and start treating it as a service.

Pat Dionne, Co-Founder, CEO @ Passerelle

Instead of starting with “no,” data governance teams should work from an enablement perspective – taking time to understand the data use and put the proper safeguards in place for governance, security, and access. 

Damien Van Steenberge, Managing Partner @ Codex Consulting

Manage the rule… not the exceptions.

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