Level Up Your Cloud Data Security With Tokenization

Level Up Your Cloud Data Security With Tokenization

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A handful of “tokens” used to be as good as gold at the local arcade. It meant a chance to master ski-ball or prove yourself a pinball wizard. Now, “tokenization” is a data security technology for protecting sensitive data like PII. By substituting a “token” with no intrinsic value in place of sensitive data, such as social security numbers or birth dates that do have value, usually quite a lot of it, companies can keep the original data safe in a secure vault, while moving tokenized data throughout the business.

Today, just about every business is moving data to the cloud. Companies may be using cloud storage to replace legacy onsite hardware or to consolidate data from across the business to enable BI and analysis without affecting performance of operational systems. To get the most of this analysis, companies almost always need to include sensitive data, which needs to be protected.

Companies that know they need to protect data in the cloud warehouse may be considering options like tokenization or anonymization. We believe cloud data tokenization is the best solution to this challenge.

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Level Up Your Cloud Data Security With Tokenization

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