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What’s included in the free plan?

With ALTR’s free native Snowflake integration, you can:

  • Connect your Snowflake Enterprise account through Snowflake Partner Connect  
  • Automatically discover and classify your data 
  • Control access to columns and rows of sensitive data with a click
  • See data access by role and user with heat maps, analytics and audit reporting
  • Dynamically mask sensitive data entirely or in part
  • Limit access to sensitive data with rate limits and thresholds you set 
  • Get visibility and control over Tableau user access

For a complete list of features, see our pricing.  

How long do I get this for free?

Our free plan is free for life! When you need to scale up to govern larger data sets, add more roles and more users, or apply more powerful data security, upgrade to our Enterprise plan.

Do you require a credit card to start?

No credit card is required. We just need your name, email, and company information to get started.  

What’s the difference between your free plan and an enterprise plan?

Our Enterprise plan includes all of the features of our free plan and:

  • Snowflake native classification and object tag integration 
  • Tag-based access controls and masking policies
  • Management API to automate configuration and reduce manual tasks
  • Multi-organization management
  • Data catalog and ETL integrations, including Collibra, BigID and Matillion
  • Data export to SIEMs and security data lake
  • 99.9% uptime SLA

Is ALTR easy to implement and manage?

You bet! You can get going in less than an hour. You don’t have to worry about on-prem hassles or consultant costs. There are no proxies requiring application or user behavior changes. ALTR was born in the cloud and integrated natively with cloud data platforms like Snowflake.‍ Plus, no code is required to set up or manage. You can quickly implement policies to govern and protect data without writing code in SQL or YAML. We also have an extensive library of resources to help you with every step.  

Do I need a Snowflake account?

Yes. ALTR requires Snowflake features such as Dynamic Data Masking Policies to enforce data governance, which is unavailable on Standard Edition Snowflake accounts. To get started with ALTR, your Snowflake account must be Enterprise Edition or higher.

How do I get started?

Once you’ve signed up, joining ALTR through Snowflake Partner Connect is easy! Check out our quick start guide to get started.  

Is free data governance really secure?

Data governance tools that are too costly require too much time and resources to implement and maintain and are crippling organizations’ ability to take on common data privacy and security problems. Leaving data at risk is not sustainable for anyone. Our patented security solutions are easy to use and buy – so everyone can control and protect their data wherever they are on their data journey.

Not only that, but we built security into the ALTR platform from day one. It’s why we achieved PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC 2 Type II certification and support HIPAA compliance. Our commitment to going above and beyond for security is well known and ensures our customers can rely on ALTR as they share and analyze sensitive information. Visit our security trust centre to learn more.  

And in case low-cost or free may still spark suspicion, check out this blog on busting three common misconceptions about free software in today’s technology landscape.

What’s the difference between ALTR and other data governance solutions?

From legacy on-premises providers to new cloud-based start-ups to lateral players in the data ecosystem, it seems almost everyone offers a “data governance” solution these days. But as we’ve said, there’s no actual data governance without data control and protection. And DIY and manual approaches can only take you so far.

Check out our data governance solutions matrix to better understand the value of ALTR vs other solutions.  

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