5 Things You Can Do in ALTR in 1 Hour

5 Things You Can Do in ALTR in 1 Hour

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5 Things You Can Do in ALTR in 1 Hour

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Protect Sensitive Data in Snowflake in Minutes!

Getting your sensitive data under control doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or costly. With ALTR’s free policy automation engine in Snowflake, you can quickly know, control, and protect sensitive data to move on to more value-adding activities. ALTR lets you see who’s using what data, when, and how much. Within minutes, you can quickly classify data, apply controls, and generate alerts, even block access.

Don’t believe us? Watch this demo to learn how to do these five things with ALTR + Snowflake in under an hour…

  1. Automatically Classify Your Data
  1. View Every Query Your Data
  1. Set Masking Policies
  1. Block Access to Sensitive Data
  1. Receive Alerts on Anomalies

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