Data tokenization
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Data Tokenization: ALTR’s SaaS-based approach to tokenization-as-a-service

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Data tokenization can provide unique data security benefits across your entire path to the cloud. ALTR’s SaaS-based approach to tokenization-as-a-service means we can cover data wherever it’s located: on-premises, in the cloud or even in other SaaS-based software. This also allows us to deliver innovations like new token formats or new security features more quickly, with no need for users to upgrade.

Our data tokenization solutions also range from flexible and scalable vaulted tokenization all the way up to PCI Level 1 compliant, allowing companies to choose the best balance of speed, security, and cost for their business.

We’ve also invested heavily in IP that enables our database driver to connect transparently and keep data usable while tokenized. The drivers can, for example, perform the lookups and joins needed to keep applications that are unused to tokenization running. With ALTR, users can bring sensitive data safely into the cloud to get full analytic value from it, while helping meet contractual security requirements or the steepest regulatory challenges.

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