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Top Data Governance and Security Blogs in 2021

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Top Data Governance and Security Blogs in 2021

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After many in depth, heated conversations around the ALTR office about the dynamics of the data governance and security industries, in 2021 we decided it was time to jump into the online conversation with both feet! January is a great time to look back at our top data governance blog posts for the year, and there are some clear trends in what we covered: we feel passionately that data governance without security just isn’t enough, that knowing your data means knowing how your data is being used and why, and that Snowflake + ALTR delivers an easy yet powerful solution to the data governance and security problem.

And we can tell those topics resonated with you looking at our top data governance blog posts for the year….  

Data Governance requires visibility

The Hidden Power of Data Consumption Observability  

Seeing who’s consuming what data, where, when, why and how much lets you make better decisions for your business.  

Do You Know What Your Tableau Users Are Doing in Snowflake?

If you’re using a Tableau service account to let your users access Snowflake data, you may not be able to see what data users are accessing or govern them individually. ALTR can help.  

Why “Why?” is the Most Important Question in Governing Data Access

When you know why data is being used, you can more easily create purposed-based access control policies that custom-fit your organization, are simpler to automate, and reduce risk.  

Data Governance also has to include control and security

The Shifting Lines Between Data Governance and Data Security

Automated policy implementation lets data governance teams control data access, allowing for greater effectiveness and efficiency across process.

No Matter What You Call It, Data Governance Must Control and Protect Sensitive Data

The Forrester Wave™: Data Governance Solutions report shines a light on the Data Intelligence/Governance space.

Thinking About Data Governance Without Data Security? Think Again!

Traditional data governance without security puts your company and your data at risk. A complete data governance solution must include security.

ALTR + Snowflake = an easy and powerful data control and protection solution

Go Further, Faster with Snowflake and ALTR

Boost your value from Snowflake more quickly by embracing ALTR complete data control and protection right from the start

Why DIY Data Governance When You Could DI-With ALTR for Free?

What if controlling and protecting your data could be free, easy and in some cases, more powerful? See why doing it with ALTR Free is better.

Data Governance blog topics coming in 2022

This year we plan to dive deeper into where the data governance industry is falling short, why data privacy and protection will continue to become more and more critical, and how you can make sure you’re prepared for what’s coming down the pike in 2022.  

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