2022 Predictions

2022 Predictions for the Data Governance Landscape

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As we look forward to the 2022 data governance landscape, one thing is clear: the data deluge will not be receding soon. In fact, it will be significantly accelerating and coalescing into the Cloud. Starting in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed employees to work remotely, requiring access to data and tools from any location, and there are no signs of that winding down. In addition, companies are seeing the opportunity for more effective analytics and predictive modeling by consolidating data in a centralized, accessible location. Larger enterprises that have more data, that have been forced to reckon with data privacy regulations, and were early adopters of the cloud have forged the path for data governance of sensitive data – the steps companies need to take to ensure data is protected, such as masking, row- and column-level security and automated policy controls, are now clear and the roadmap well-defined, enabling smaller companies to follow in their footsteps. 

And finally, data governance and security tools have matured to the point that those processes can be implemented, managed and maintained at the scale required. Projects that were stalled by the inability to control and protect large amounts of sensitive data in the cloud will be unstuck and the floodgates will open. Next generation data governance tools like ALTR will provide air cover, allowing more companies to get the benefits of centralizing more data in the cloud. 

This trend will lead to other shifts in the data governance landscape, uncovering surprising new possibilities and challenges that companies must face. 

Download our white paper to see why we expect data sharing to explode, the chief data officer to step up, and both regulations and threats to escalate.

2022 Predictions for the Data Governance Landscape

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