Securely Migrate Sensitive Data to Snowflake

Securely and Safely Migrate Sensitive Data to Snowflake with ALTR and Matillion

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Securely and Safely Migrate Sensitive Data to Snowflake with ALTR and Matillion

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The amount of data generated and the number of data sources managed by organizations today has grown at such an exponential rate that ETL tools like Matillion have become necessary for companies to move their data into a centralized place and transform that data to optimize its value. Cloud data platforms like Snowflake and others allow organizations to consolidate data from disparate systems, look for relationships, and uncover insights without affecting scale or performance of operational systems – Matillion, an elite Snowflake partner, greatly eases this process.  

The Challenge

To really get business value from all their data, organizations must include sensitive data in their migration to the cloud. The problem is, moving sensitive data to the cloud (and keeping it there) opens the door to breaches and potential regulatory compliance issues. The numbers speak for themselves on this one:

• The average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million (a 10% rise from 2020)

• The average breach cost was $1.07 million higher where remote work was a factor

• Customer PII (personally identifiable information) was the most common (and most expensive) type of record lost or stolen

Companies need to approach the risks systematically ahead of a migration and throughout the whole time they’re using a public cloud to store sensitive information in order to avoid fines and reputation damage. 

The Solution: ALTR + Matillion

Matillion’s ETL solution is optimized for Snowflake and takes advantage of the speed, scale, and performance of the cloud; they make it easy to load all of an organization’s data into Snowflake and transform it to become analytics-ready in no time. But given the challenge presented by sensitive data, Matillion partnered with ALTR to provide an extra layer of safety for sensitive data. While Matillion loads data as usual, it calls ALTR to tokenize sensitive data on ingest to Snowflake, then access permissions are set up in ALTR so that such data cannot be de-tokenized without you knowing about it or approving it.

ALTR’s cloud-based solution allows companies to continually improve speed and performance while guaranteeing governance so that organizations can control for risk. As a Level 1 PCI Security provider, ALTR delivers the maximum level of commercial protection available for highly regulated data. For PII or financial data that’s sensitive but not governed by strict regulations, companies have the option to pick a lower level of protection at a lower cost, so it works for virtually any type of business that is looking to get value from their sensitive data in the cloud.

Because the data is tokenized, it stays functional for the business so that users can still operate on the data even if they can’t de-tokenize it. It’s as simple as that.

The Outcome

With this ALTR + Matillion solution, organizations can safely get value from all their data. Before, businesses had to settle for keeping sensitive data out of their migration to the cloud because of the risks associated with it. But now, not only can all the data be migrated safely, it can still be functional even for analysts who don’t have the ability to de-tokenize it.

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