Collibra + ALTR Highlights

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Collibra + ALTR Highlights

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A Complete Solution for Data Governance 

Achieve your business goals faster by combining Collibra’s Data Intelligence Cloud with ALTR’s platform for complete data control. Increase visibility into your data, automate policy implementation to ensure regulatory compliance, and confidently grant more access to more meaningful data.

A World of Benefits

Data Stewards

  • Simplify the implementation of governance controls through no-code policy creation.
  • Streamline self-service data access requests by removing manual tasks and reliance on data teams.
  • Unify data control within a single platform.

Data Privacy Managers

  • Automatically map privacy requirements from Collibra into enforcement with ALTR.
  • Gain visibility and confidence into how your data is being used. 
  • Simplify audit reporting by feeding usage analytics from ALTR back into Collibra.

Data Engineers

  • Automate away the manual tasks of implementing governance policy.
  • Ensure compliant access to data with automated privacy controls.
  • Safely move more sensitive workloads into the cloud and make data more available to end users.


Collibra and ALTR have teamed up to simplify and automate how you govern data in the cloud. By integrating the two platforms, you can:  

  • Simplify your data governance program: Automation removes the headaches that come with manually configured and maintained access controls, saving you time and effort while ensuring consistent enforcement.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance: By automating the implementation of governance policy, you can stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape and confident in your organization’s ability to use data safely.
  • Streamline access to data: Gone are the days of manual approval processes and service desk tickets to provision access to data. With ALTR, when data owners approve requests in Collibra, access is automatically granted through ALTR.
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