Sensitive Data Classification

Sensitive Data Classification: The First Step to Complete Data Governance with ALTR

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Sensitive Data Classification: The First Step to Complete Data Governance with ALTR

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When you analyze a company’s journey as it becomes a more data-driven organization, you start to see some pretty clear patterns. Invariably, we see customers walking the path below regardless of industry vertical or company size:

Understanding sensitive data

  • Discover and classify sensitive data
  • Understand who is accessing sensitive data (and when, how much, and how)

Governing sensitive data

  • Add controls governing access to sensitive data
  • Add controls to ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance

Protecting sensitive data

  • Apply advanced controls to limit data risk and integrate security
  • Tokenize critically sensitive data to protect against direct access threats

Everyone has these same needs around their sensitive data—and a heck of a lot more—but these are what we keep seeing as core requirements. The very first item on this path is sensitive data classification. If you think about it, you can’t really get started until you understand what and where your sensitive data is. Once you do that, applying governance and security policies is a matter of doing the work (for any data engineers reading, yes, a lot of work. Contact us!)

Learn about what is considered sensitive data and what kind of security it requires.

Heck, we need sensitive data classification too. It allows us to better understand and report on data consumption, more easily apply access governance controls, detect sensitive data in new data sources, and help our customers be confident that their data is both private and secure.

When it comes to sensitive data classification, there are products out there doing a great job at that already. To add support in our own platform, we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just had to add the classification “wheel” to our product’s “car”. Our customers can simply choose which classification provider they use, and ALTR’s integrations will take care of the rest, improving reporting on data access and making it even easier to implement governance controls.

For companies without a current classification provider, we have out-of-the-box integrations for Google DLP and Snowflake's native classification so everyone who uses ALTR can start on the path to full data access governance and security easily.

sensitive data classification

At ALTR, we want remove the burdens of data classification as you grow, add more data, users, and platforms into the mix. We do as much of the heavy lifting ourselves as possible, delivering new and unique features that layer advanced data security on top of governance controls (for a primer on how governance and security are intertwined, check out this blog post. But we also believe this involves connecting the broader data ecosystem together so the tools and platforms you use share a unified understanding of your data. We’re excited that our support for data classification is an extension of this belief.

Learn more about ALTR's sensitive data classification.

See how doing sensitive data classification yourself in Snowflake compares to doing it with ALTR.

If you’d like to see sensitive data classification in action, request a demo!

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