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The Only Data Security Platform for Security and Access Control

Reduce Complexity.

Combine data classification, RBAC, data activity monitoring, and at rest protection.

Increase Efficiency.

Seamless interoperability with all data catalogs, ETL/ELT solutions, and BI tools.

Manage Risk.

Advanced Data Protection with near real-time alerts for all SIEM solutions.

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Success Stories

See why these companies choose ALTR for scalable data security and data access governance across their enterprise.


ALTR Helps Fortune 10 Corporation Meet Stringent Compliance Requirements in Just Weeks

Financial Services

Tax and Compliance Software Vendor Bolsters Security and Simplifies Data Complexity with ALTR


ALTR Helps Global Logistics Leader Scale Data Governance and Maximize Their Snowflake Data Cloud Investment.

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When Texas credit union TDECU began planning its cloud migration strategy, protecting member data and ensuring regulatory compliance were essential.

See why TDECU turned to ALTR

If you need…

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Real-time Data Activity Monitoring

The architectural advantages of being a cloud native solution puts ALTR in the critical path of data access to provide real-time observability over all data.

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ALTR's solution is API driven, making interoperability with data catalogs and ETL/ELT tools seamless, streamlined, and simple.

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Shift Left Data Governance®

As a pure SaaS solution, ALTR can be invoked upstream in a Data Catalog or ETL/ELT pipeline to classify data and apply advanced data protections before your sensitive data lands in your cloud data warehouse.

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Sensitive Data Protection

Credentialed actors like Snowflake Admins shouldn't always have access to sensitive Payroll, HR, or PHI data. ALTR secures highly sensitive data from privileged access with Advanced Data Protection and automated access policies.

Tags & locks

Be More Successful on Snowflake, More Quickly

Whether you are just getting started on Snowflake or have been using it for years, ALTR can help.

ALTR's point-and-click SaaS based platform make it easy to advance your data governance maturity while solidifying your data security posture.

Protect Sensitive Data and Control Access at Scale

Increase Efficiency

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Automated, tag-based, column and row access controls on PII/PHI/PCI data

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Pure SaaS. Cloud Native. No code. Instant time-to-value.

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ALTR is API-first and Snowflake Object Tag enabled for seamless integration with data catalogs, ETL/ELT solutions, and BI tools.

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Real-time alerts. Real-time data observability. Real-time access controls.

Manage Risk

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Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) that runs natively in Snowpark and is built to scale alongside Snowflake.

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Patented access rate-limiting and thresholding prevent out-of-policy queries from returning data and trigger real-time alerts on policy anomalies.

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Tokenization-as-a-Service that is purpose built for the cloud and is PCI Level 1 Certified.

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SIEM integrations deliver near real-time Data Activity Monitoring, Policy Anomalies, and alerts and notifications.

Enterprise Data Security and Data Access Governance at Scale

ALTR can grow with you from one or two cloud databases and a handful of users to thousands of users across hundreds of cloud data warehouses. Because we are a true SaaS solution, you can start small yet get all the powerful data access control and security features you need.

No six-figure contract, no six-month implementation, no conference room of consultants. Try it today with our Free Plan on Snowflake. Start by skipping the SnowSQL; then scale up with additional users and databases when you need them. Control and secure your sensitive data at your speed and scale.

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Data Security and Data Access Governance. Simple. Affordable. Scalable.

Secure and scale your enterprise data governance in just minutes with ALTR.

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One data security platform for data protection and access control

Our user-friendly SaaS platform makes it easy for data and infosec teams of all sizes to secure regulated data immediately.


One powerful platform for your

data team

Dynamic Data Masking

Scale data access policy across your entire organization with our cloud-native policy engine. Get near real-time policy updates and query audit logs without impacting performance.

Data Activity Monitoring

Spot potentially high-risk abnormalities and get detailed visibility into data usage with our auditing and alerting capabilities.

Data Classification

Identify and classify PHI, PII, and PCI data with ease. Receive results in minutes with our detailed classification report.


From on-premise to the cloud, ensure the protection of your most sensitive data with our vaulted tokenization solution.

Open Source Integrations

We seamlessly integrate with leading data tools such as ETL, catalog, and other technologies for a simple, streamlined experience.

Format Preserving Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt your sensitive data while keeping the original format consistent. We run all operations inside Snowflake so your data can be protected without being stored externally.

Simplified data security and data access governance

Increase Efficiency

Data teams get real-time access to sensitive data without risk while security teams gain full visibility over sensitive data. All data functions are fully aligned.

Reduce Complexity

Non-technical users can implement policy and simplify ownership so data can remain streamlined and automated.

Manage Risk

Protection for at rest, in motion, and in use data. Remove the risk of access threats by extending governance and security upstream and to the left.

About ALTR

Data teams

Sensitive data discovery

Quickly identify and protect sensitive data with our automated classification tools and govern high-risk values to meet compliance needs.

Automated access controls

Set up automated access controls with our dynamic data masking capabilities to ensure proper access to credentialed users.


Infosec teams

Data activity monitoring

Achieve real-time observability over how sensitive data is consumed in the cloud with active alerts for unauthorized requests.

Integrated data security

Secure data from source to cloud with automated data access governance so sensitive data is never at risk.


more protected data in your database

35 seconds

average time to create a policy


fewer policies to manage

“Excellent product. Brings an innovative way to protecting sensitive data.”
Chief Information Security Officer | KCC
“We are spoiled by the level of support that we receive from you as a vendor.”
Director of Data Security | Keaton Gatmare
“A perfect security add-on to Snowflake. The team at ALTR is full of proactive problem solvers.”
IT & Analytics Lead
“ALTR provides a simple interface to implement complex Snowflake functionality. Their customer support and on-boarding process has been exceptionally helpful during this time - really above and beyond.”
IT Services
Director of Data Governance & Management
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January 28
8 min
ALTR Featured as a Founding Partner of the Snowflakes Horizon Ecosystem 1
January 28
8 min
ALTR Featured as a Founding Partner of the Snowflakes Horizon Ecosystem 1
January 28
8 min
ALTR Featured as a Founding Partner of the Snowflakes Horizon Ecosystem 1
January 28
8 min
ALTR Featured as a Founding Partner of the Snowflakes Horizon Ecosystem 1
January 28
8 min
ALTR Featured as a Founding Partner of the Snowflakes Horizon Ecosystem 1
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