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Stop Credentialed Access Data Theft

Stolen credentials are perennially at the top of the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report as one of the top breach sources. Unfortunately, the easiest ways to stop credential theft – better passwords, not falling for phishing attempts, multi-factor authentication – all require more effort from people. We’re actually better off just assuming that all credentials are compromised and adopting Forrester’s “Zero Trust” security model – no single log in or identity or device is trusted enough to be given unlimited access.

This is especially important as more data moves into the cloud, where anyone with the right username and password can log in. While cloud vendors deliver enterprise class security against cyber threats, it’s impossible for them to know if an apparently authorized user should really have access or not. Identity access and data management are still the responsibility of companies utilizing the cloud platform.

Check authorization against governance policies and halt access if necessary

ALTR’s cloud-based data control and protection platform provides a solution by never believing a user is who their credentials say they are.


Every time an “authorized” user requests data in the platform, the request is run through ALTR to be evaluated and verified against data governance policies and risk-based thresholds for type of data that can be accessed, when, where and how much.


If abnormal access is detected, an alert can automatically be generated and sent via text, email, messaging, phone call or to SIEM or SOAR. Or access can be cut off completely in real-time, stopping data exfiltration in its tracks.


Especially sensitive data can be tokenized so that if somehow massive amounts of data are stolen, the thief gets effectively worthless tokens instead of the original data.

By integrating ALTR’s data control and protection solution into your cloud data platform, you get visibility into data usage. You can build baseline policies and set up automated responses that send alerts or cut off access when an entity breaks those policies. And you can tokenize data to ensure it’s useless if it is stolen.

Together, we can stop credentialed access theft and reduce the risk to data.
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