Word Redaction Project

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Word Redaction Project

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Protecting sensitive data within documents is important, but can be difficult, especially if it is important to know who has viewed the documents and when.  

If your business is document centered or if you need to share documents with partners and clients It can be difficult to track whether copies were made, who the copies were given to and whether or not the recipient viewed a file, or a portion that contains sensitive data.  

A password can be used to lock document files, but then the password must be shared with all the recipients now and in the future.  The document creator must track and manage the password he assigns for each unique document / recipient.  In reality, this leads to the same password being used for any document with sensitive data.  Just like every pizza delivery driver in town knows the gate code to your apartment complex, everyone you share your document with, and everyone they share it with knows your password.  

Another problem is that for many documents only a portion of it is sensitive.  A document might be 99% useful for a given recipient, but a single mention of an individuals Name, or SSN or Health Diagnosis renders the document completely un-available to a recipient not allowed to see that kind of data.

The goal of this project was to create a Microsoft Word Add-In that allows a user to create or edit Word documents that mask sensitive data.  The document can be transmitted to any other Word users, but will only allow authorized users to unmask.  

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