Q4 2023 ALTR Product Release: Helping Data Teams Ensure Data Security Earlier in the Data Lifecycle

Q4 2023 ALTR Product: Helping Data Teams Ensure Data Security Earlier in the Data Lifecycle

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Q4 2023 ALTR Product: Helping Data Teams Ensure Data Security Earlier in the Data Lifecycle

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ALTR’s final product release of 2023 is now live and helps data and security teams increase data utility and decrease data complexity by:

  • Offering Detokenization on Snowflake for policy to be applied automatically on data.  
  • Increase data operability earlier in the data lifecycle, while remaining secure.
  • Shifting data governance and data security left so data is protected in motion and at rest.

In order to ensure the protection of sensitive, highly regulated data, in motion and at rest, it is no longer enough to create security policies after data lands in Snowflake. Data tokenization must occur as early as possible in the data lifecycle, available only through ALTR’s SaaS based data security solution, so that the data lands in Snowflake already in a protected state.  

Data tokenization can provide unique data security benefits across your entire data pipeline. ALTR’s SaaS-based approach to data tokenization-as-a-service means data can be tokenized at any stage of the data lifecycle. Tokenization is an incredibly powerful tool to have included in your arsenal, and we are thrilled to be announcing the extension of this offering.

ALTR Detokenization

We are proud to announce the launch of Detokenization on Snowflake. ALTR’s detokenization, when combined with Snowflake governance policy, is a powerful and highly innovative solution designed specifically to help Security teams and Data teams ensure data privacy and security as early as possible in the data lifecycle all the way through to data consumption.  

Detokenization allows for data that exists in Snowflake to remain operational while policy can be applied automatically, furthering the ability to shift data governance and data security operations left in the data pipeline.  

A diagram of data flowDescription automatically generated

What is Detokenization on Snowflake?

Detokenization is the process of converting tokenized data back into its original, unmasked, form. Detokenization, combined with Snowflake’s governance policy, is a critical step in ensuring data privacy and security, especially when dealing with PHI and PII data. Detokenization combined with the automation of active policy allows for data to land in Snowflake with policy attached, meaning that the sensitive data is protected at rest, in motion, and as soon as it lands in Snowflake.  

Why Detokenization?  

Data Teams and InfoSec Teams alike often struggle with safeguarding the data entrusted to them in a way that is scalable and flexible to their business needs. Security teams need to restrict improper access to data as much as possible, while data teams need immediate analysis of data upon inception. Both teams need to ensure sensitive data remains safe while still being able to derive analytical and operational value from the data.  

Value Add: Operational and Automated Data

ALTR’s detokenization offering operationalizes sensitive data, ensuring active policy remains attached, and automating the detokenization of that sensitive data only when necessary. Detokenization can be automated through policy, so that unmasked data is only available to the correct users at the correct time – freeing up the time of hands-on-keyboard team members and guaranteeing policy compliance. This also ensures that service accounts entering Snowflake can operate on policy-based data without gaining access to sensitive data that should remain obfuscated.

Wrapping Up

ALTR is thrilled to be the first data governance and data security solution to offer detokenization on Snowflake, and we are excited about the potential of this product offering to help Data Teams and InfoSec Teams alike derive the most value from their sensitive data at scale.

See It In Action: Automated Data Governance, Real Time Security  

Let us show you:  

  • How we integrate with industry-leading data platforms and databases like Snowflake, Matillion and Tableau to protect your sensitive data “to the left” of your cloud data warehouse
  • How you can protect data with your ETL throughout your cloud data migration
  • How easy it is to automate data governance and security at scale across your enterprise

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