IDG Virtual Conference: ALTR Overview

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IDG Virtual Conference: ALTR Overview

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Mitigate the risk of direct access to and consumption of sensitive data with ALTR DSaaS.

ALTR offers the first service of its kind to integrate data access monitoring, access governance, and at-rest protection natively at the application layer. It's a simpler, more effective security model, wherever your data is stored.

Key use cases:

  • Mitigate credentialed access threats and privileged access abuse
  • Mitigate direct access to the database threats
  • Provide an immutable record of access and consumption of sensitive data
  • Govern data consumption, rates, and locations
  • Dynamically mask sensitive data to support privacy
  • Provide ultra-secure, low-latency data storage off your network

Key advantages:

  • Data security continuously applied in a zero trust model
  • No encryption keys or maps to manage and protect
  • One unified service that provides immutable monitoring for compliance, data masking for privacy, thresholding to protect against theft, and tokenization for security at-rest.

A superior delivery model:

  • Easy to implement - easy console integration and simple configuration via smart database driver or API service
  • Portable - embeds into application code, independent of infrastructure, and able to be deployed to any environment.
  • Less cost and complexity - reduces cost and complexity of implementation and maintenance through a cloud-native, integrated approach that scales with the application

Sneak Peek

Check out this clip from our OnDemand presentation "Remote Work, Remote Data Access: The Rising Tide of Sensitive Data in the Cloud." The full 15 min presentation is located in the OnDemand section in the virtual event.

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