Secure Cloud Migration for Financial Institutions
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Virtual Fireside Chat: Secure Cloud Migration for Financial Institutions

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Faced with heightened customer and shareholder expectations, as well as increased regulatory requirements, Financial Institutions are migrating their systems to the cloud to deliver increased agility, innovation, and personalization. However, for firms juggling security, data privacy, and compliance concerns, their journeys to the cloud have been halting.

This virtual fireside chat features industry experts from the Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU), ALTR, Matillion, Snowflake, and Wavicle as they discuss best practices for navigating the challenges Financial Institutions face when migrating to the cloud.

Hear from TDECU's VP of Enterprise Architecture Ethan Pack about their journey from a legacy on-prem enterprise data warehouse to a modern enterprise data stack centered around Snowflake.


  • Ethan Pack, VP, Enterprise Architecture, TDECU
  • Paul Franz, VP, Business Development, ALTR
  • Patrick Purviance, Senior Solutions Architect, Wavicle
  • Stephen Dickson, Senior Sales Engineer, Snowflake

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