Why DIY Data Governance When You Could DI-With ALTR for Free?

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Companies often think they have just two choices for Data Governance: expensive or DIY. Expensive means options that start at $100k and only go up. Expensive can also mean long implementations, software changes, and a hefty investment in people to set up and maintain the tool.  

It’s no wonder you may think, “We’ll just do it ourselves!” But that comes with its own costs: expensive programmers to write code, time commitments that bog down other data priorities, difficulty scaling with more data and users, and limits on what you can do.  

What if controlling and protecting your data could be free, easy and in some cases, more powerful? Let’s look at how to do some basic tasks DIY on Snowflake versus with the ALTR Free Snowflake upgrade:  

See how easy Data Masking is in ALTR vs Snowflake: 

With data control and protection this powerful, easy AND free, the only question left is DI-Why?

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