Snowflake Summit 2023

ALTR's View from Snowflake Summit 2023

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ALTR's View from Snowflake Summit 2023

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Q2 was a busy and inspiring quarter for ALTR. Between the excitement of day-to-day operations, our bi-annual GTM kickoff at our Florida office, and multiple events attended, we did not fall short of excitement the past three months.

Notably, many members of our team enjoyed a full week in Las Vegas, NV at Snowflake Summit 2023. We had the great honor of sharing a speaking session with Matillion, co-hosting two after-hours events with Passerelle and with Matillion, and enjoying a week of learning as much as we could from our partners, customers, and friends in the data ecosystem. We’ve compiled the big announcements our partners made this year and some of our highlights of the event below.

Snowflake - Industry Recap

Snowflake shared a Snowflake Summit recap blog post, in which they dive into the data landscape and data forecast across multiple business sectors: Financial Services, Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Manufacturing, Telecom, and Advertising, Media, and Entertainment.

They write, “As we continue to revolutionize the way businesses operate, allowing [data users] to solve their most pressing problems and drive revenue through the Data Cloud, the insights, expertise, and experiences we offer at Summit have continued to grow. And this year was no different! Powered by our latest product offerings and the ways in which we’re enabling companies to leverage AI as a competitive advantage, this year’s event was electrifying, with tons of fantastic product demos, customer sessions, keynotes, and more. […] This recap offers the high points of how the Data Cloud is reshaping the data landscape for a large number of industries.”

Read More from Snowflake here

Exciting News in the Data Ecosystem

Matillion Announces the End of Slow, Fragmented, Expensive Data Pipelines

Matillion launched a new productivity platform for data teams this year at Snowflake Summit. This platform is built with the intention to empower the full data team to move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines as day-to-day business users — regardless of technical knowledge.

“Matillion makes data work more productive by empowering the entire data team – coders and non-coders alike – to move, transform, and orchestrate data pipelines faster. Its Data Productivity Cloud empowers the whole team to deliver quality data at a speed and scale that matches the business’s data ambitions.”

Read More About the Data Productivity Cloud here

Alation Launches Connected Sheets in Snowflake

Alation announced a new way to access data from Excel and Sheets directly in Snowflake using their new product offering: Alation Connected Sheets. This offering from Alation is another step in the right direction of streamlining data productivity using the platforms business users use most frequently.

“With Alation Connected Sheets for Snowflake, business users can now instantly find, understand, and trust the data they need – without leaving their spreadsheet. This product enables business users to access Snowflake source data directly from the spreadsheets in which they work without the need to understand SQL or rely on central data teams. Alation Connected Sheets also enable data governance teams to set access policies on which users can access various data objects.”

Read More from Alation here

Tacos, Margaritas, and Good Data

Passerelle’s Data Oasis

One highlight of Snowflake Summit 2023 were the two after-hours events ALTR had the honor of co-hosting. Alongside Passerelle, Talend, SqlDBM, Equifax and GrowthLoop, we enjoyed a fajita bar, custom ALTR-ita’s, and fantastic conversations with our partners in the data ecosystem. Nearly every stage in the data lifecycle was represented at this event, allowing attendees a full scope of data productivity and data security.

Carolyn Fernald, the Marketing and Event Coordinator behind Data Oasis, wrote, “We hosted a really fun event with TalendSqlDBMALTREquifax, and GrowthLoop (Flywheel) — the room was abuzz while folks completed a scavenger hunt and learned about new offerings from the partners.”

Thanks for hosting a fantastic event, Passerelle!

Matillion’s Fiesta in the Clouds

The other after-hours event ALTR co-hosted was Fiesta in the Clouds alongside Matillion, Amazon Web Services, Dataiku, Deloitte, and ThoughtSpot. This event took over both floors of the Chayo Restaurant on the LINQ Promenade in Vegas, offering attendees the opportunity to connect over good data, good tacos, and great margaritas. Each of the co-hosts of this event showed up offering a great time to be had by all hosts and attendees!

Kathy O’Neil, Director, Customer and Partner Programs at Matillion, wrote, “HUGE THANK YOU to the 900+ people that joined Matillion for Tuesday night’s Fiesta in the Clouds at Snowflake Summit and to our sponsors, Amazon Web Services (AWS), ALTR, Dataiku, Deloitte, ThoughtSpot - it was an incredible evening!”

We are already counting down the days to Snowflake Summit 2024 in San Francisco where ALTR will be a Blue Square sponsor!

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