Snowflake data governance solutions

ALTR vs Other Snowflake Data Governance Solutions

ALTR vs Other Snowflake Data Governance Solutions

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As a Snowflake Premier Partner and founding member of the Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program, we get a lot of questions about how ALTR is different from other Snowflake data governance solutions, including Snowflake!  

The short answer is that we automate the existing native Snowflake governance features for data masking policies and role-based and row-level access policies. Why is that important? Why Is that valuable? When you automate these Snowflake features, it allows Snowflake users to address some key challenges.  

Bridging the Snowflake Skills Gap

First, you get to the opportunity to address a skills gap. Maybe some of your team members are not as trained up on SnowSQL yet, or they haven't taken all of the Snowflake certification training, especially if you're early in your Snowflake journey. Maybe you and your team don't have time to learn about data masking policies or some of the nuances that come with Snowflake row level policies, and so ALTR can help you automate that in a very simple and easy to use manner. ALTR’s fast SaaS implementation, access via Snowflake Partner Connect, and no-code policy management take the burden off your team and can even allow other data owners throughout the organization to handle data access controls and enforcement.  

Snowflake Data Governance at Scale

The second thing you get to address is deploying these capabilities at scale. We've seen a number of customer projects where implementing these data controls at scale is taking up entire teams of people when it just shouldn’t need that many resources. If you have one centralized tool like ALTR to manage who has access to what data and how much, you take a lot of that kind of scale overhead, and that friction of growing with Snowflake, out of the equation. This comes into play if you set up your Snowflake governance policies the way you want for one database or one account. If you're part of a large organization, you may want to apply that across multiple databases. We recently encountered a company that had nine accounts across all three different cloud providers that Snowflake offers. How do you make that portable across all of those accounts, and all of those deployments? ALTR can make this easy.  

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snowflake data governance solutions

A Single Source of Snowflake Data Access Truth

There’s a lot of confusion out there in the market around what “data governance” is exactly. When you’re thinking of other “data governance” solutions for Snowflake like a Collibra or Alation or Immuta or others who are in this space, keep in mind that there are other parts of data governance and many handle some processes like data classification or cataloging, but ALTR’s sole focus is on delivering that single source of truth for data access. You can see how users are using data, control which users have access to which data, reduce risk by limiting the rate of data access, and put powerful tokenization data security over the most sensitive data, all with ALTR.  

Low Cost, Fast Implementation, Enterprise Quality

This kind of Snowflake data governance is a really hard problem for companies to solve, even when they had full teams and full budgets to attack it. But moving into 2023, we’re seeing companies lose headcount and resources and getting very picky about selecting the specific tools to help accomplish specific goals. One of the other major differences between ALTR and some of the other Snowflake data governance solutions is that we’re waging a war on six figure price points for solutions and six months of professional services to implement. If you are being offered or sold a tool that is very expensive and is going to take you a long time to roll out and learn to use, those vendors don't have your best interest in mind. With our pure SaaS platform (which other solutions are notw) we’re making data governance easy to buy, easy to implement, and easy to use. Bottom line: ATLR provides the functionality companies need to govern data at a price point other solutions just can’t touch.  

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