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ALTR Founding Member of Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program

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ALTR Founding Member of Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program

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As an increasing number of companies join the Snowflake Data Cloud to extract business value and insights from data, the ability to utilize and govern sensitive data on the platform has become a critical priority. Since kicking off our partnership in 2020, launching our cloud-native integration in February 2021, and now as a Snowflake Premier Partner, ALTR has been laser-focused on delivering enterprise-class Snowflake data governance solutions that make governing data as simple and easy as possible for Snowflake customers.  

By leveraging Snowflake’s native data governance capabilities, we’re able to deliver unprecedented data usage visibility and analytics, automated policy-based access controls, and the highest-levels of data protection—all with no code required to implement, maintain, or manage. Removing the roadblocks to protecting sensitive data means Snowflake users can extract the most value from their data and maximize their investment in the platform.

We’re proud to join the initiative to make Snowflake data governance a top focus and enable powerful new features for our shared customers as a member of the Snowflake Data Governance Accelerated Program.  

Investment in Snowflake data governance technology

ALTR is a natural fit for the Snowflake Governance Accelerated Program because we’ve tightly integrated with Snowflake’s native capabilities to enable no-code data governance at scale from day one. As Snowflake continues to make new features and capabilities available, we integrate them into our platform, allowing customers to leverage Snowflake's native capabilities in an easier, more scalable way.  

Dynamic Data Masking

ALTR simplifies how organizations implement and maintain data masking policies to protect private information in Snowflake. With ALTR, you can see the data and roles your policies are applied to and implement new or modify existing masking policies all without writing any SQL code.  

Object Tagging

ALTR has pre-built support for Snowflake’s upcoming native Classification feature, which classifies data and tags objects directly in Snowflake without customer data leaving the platform. Using ALTR, customers can automate the discovery and classification process without writing any code.

Access History

ALTR automatically visualizes data from Snowflake’s Access History in both a heatmap and timeline view. You can use this intelligence to audit and report on data access, confirm your governance policies are being enforced correctly, and identify areas where new policies can be applied.  

See Snowflake data governance features in action:

Through the powerful Snowflake data governance capabilities, Snowflake and ALTR enable organizations to effectively secure, govern, and unlock the full potential of their data. In addition, ALTR’s SaaS platform, no-code technology, and free plan democratize data governance, removing the barriers of long, complex implementations, coding knowledge, and high costs, making it even easier for Snowflake customers to protect their data and get full value from their investment in Snowflake.

Snowflake data governance

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