Our Dedication to Simplicity: ALTR's New Cloud Integration with Snowflake

Our Dedication to Simplicity: ALTR's New Cloud Integration with Snowflake

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Snowflake, the Web's hottest cloud data platform, has enjoyed a rapid rise to popularity because of two major forces in business. The first is the cold reality that businesses of all shapes and sizes must become data-driven or face significant disadvantages in competing with those who are. The second is that, mostly due to the Cloud, users' expectations have changed forever. Technology must be simple: simple to use, simple to buy, simple to grow.

One by one traditional software categories have moved to the Cloud, and this is as true for parts of the cybersecurity software world as any. Still, Data Security stands as one of the last holdouts. For decades it has been dominated by solutions that were difficult and complex to implement, involving infrastructure components that have to be integrated, configured and maintained. They are difficult to administer, requiring complex role/access analysis and maintenance as people and data move constantly in and out of the company. And most of them aren't built to scale massively the way a platform like Snowflake is. This means that when you connect a traditional data security product to Snowflake it is, in the words of a colleague of mine, "like connecting a bicycle to the back of a sports car."

At ALTR we continue to make it our mission to provide the world's most secure cloud platform for data consumption intelligence, governance, and protection in a way that is exceptionally simple. This is why we're so pleased to announce the general availability of our direct cloud integration with Snowflake.

This new integration means you can plug ALTR into your Snowflake instance seamlessly by providing only two pieces of information: the URL for your instance, and credentials that allow ALTR to access it. From there, you simply log into ALTR to instantly gain deep insight into your consumption of data and put in place smart access and consumption controls that protect your business against even the most privileged privacy and security threats. 

Because ALTR is integrated directly into the Snowflake platform, there is no proxy server in between you and your data. You can change anything you do to access data, from using Snowflake itself to using any variety of third party analytics tools or inbound or outbound ETL processes. You can be in any Snowflake deployment, from AWS to Azure to GCP. You can scale massively up, or down. As things change, ALTR will keep pace transparently, continuing to give you observability and control over who is accessing data, and how much of it, in real time.

ALTR + Snowflake. Building out your focus on data, and doing so safely, has never been so simple.

If you'd like to learn more, request a demo or see first-hand how ALTR can work for you by signing up for a free 7-day trial.

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