How to Protect Data in a Remote World

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How to Protect Data in a Remote World

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Most of today’s workforce is accustomed to working in an office under carefully crafted IT systems. However, the abrupt shift to remote work due to the pandemic has caused a lot of new risks and exposures. Teams are now decentralized, and security is top of mind, so organizations are relying on things like multifactor authentication, remote access, and encryption – but is that really enough?

Since COVID-19, the FBI has seen a 300% increase in reported cyber crimes, which is only accelerating the urgency to adapt.  There is no silver bullet for success in this unpredictable environment, but there are certainly new best practices and lessons to be learned.

At ALTR, we are helping our customers protect valuable data, and we’ve seen first-hand the struggles they are facing. Here are a few questions we are answering for them:

  1. How is data being consumed across our organization?
  1. What can we do if an employee's credentials are stolen?  
  1. How do we ensure the security of data in the cloud?

ALTR’s cloud-native service embeds observability, governance, and protection at the code level to close those gaps and improve security, simplify compliance, and increase accountability. This unique approach to data access controls fosters more rapid development and deployment of secure applications, and it enables greater innovation across the entire enterprise.

It’s more important now than ever before to share knowledge and work together to adapt in these uncertain times – that’s why ALTR is participating in IDG’s ”New Reality Virtual Tradeshow Series.”  It has been a great platform to discuss the new risk and security landscape with peers and other industry experts. The intention of the conference is to have all attendees walk away knowing:

  • How leading CISOs, CSOs, and organizations are currently managing security budgets
  • What actions they’re taking to adapt security to match the new remote working experience
  • How they’re integrating security measures as initiatives accelerate to meet customer needs
  • What you can do now to help set your company up for long-term success

Our own VP of Product & Marketing, Doug Wick, spoke about “Remote Access and the Rising Tide of Sensitive Data.” This presentation and many more are still available OnDemand during the final 2 days of the event (July 28-29). Check out the virtual conference here.

To find out more about how ALTR protects sensitive data across the enterprise, stop by our virtual booth, or read more here.  

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