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Take Control of Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

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Take Control of Sensitive Data Across the Enterprise

Published on Jun 16, 2020
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The explosive growth of sensitive data today creates significant risks. Traditional data protection technologies suffer from inherent gaps in data observability and the governance of data consumption. That makes it impossible to know exactly who is accessing specific data, from where, when, and how much.

ALTR’s 100% cloud-native service embeds monitoring, governance, and protection at the code level to close those gaps and improve security, simplify compliance, and increase accountability. This unique approach to data access controls fosters more rapid development and deployment of secure applications, and enables greater innovation across the entire enterprise.

For Application Development

Ship secure applications faster.

Incorporate better data security into software as it’s being developed.

Because ALTR is embedded into the code of an application, development teams can easily incorporate superior data security into their build pipeline, whether they are creating software from scratch or deploying a third-party enterprise application. ALTR’s flexible toolset for security and compliance makes apps inherently more resilient while keeping security from slowing down development, which saves valuable time and puts apps into the hands of your users faster.

For Security

Protect against credentialed breaches.

Control sensitive enterprise data consumption in real time.

ALTR introduces a foundational layer of data security, with extensive real-time observability and controls to govern access for every query, including who is consuming which data, when, where, and how much. Customized rules protect against insider threats, tokenizing data to prevent privileged access and slowing or blocking users when policies or thresholds are violated. Easy integration into SIEM systems enables analysts to identify areas of risk and exposure that the business has been unaware of.

For Cloud Data

Unlock the advantages of the cloud while minimizing data risk.

Promote data sharing and scalability without compromising privacy and security.

From SaaS apps to serverless computing environments, the cloud is a major innovation vector for enterprises today. ALTR’s unique approach to embedding data security at the code level means that your sensitive data is equally protected independent of infrastructure — in the cloud or on-prem. This is especially valuable for mitigating risk when migrating data to the cloud, and for delivering query-level observability and governance in cloud data warehouses.

For Compliance

Dramatically cut the costs of compliance reporting.

Save time and effort with trusted data usage reporting and granular observability.

Meeting the requirements of CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulations can be time-consuming and expensive, but it becomes much faster and easier with full observability of data access down to the query level. ALTR delivers this by creating a complete, real-time record of access and administrative actions that shows who has accessed which data, when, how, and why. The richness of this immutable audit trail, along with granular controls for user access, speeds remediation efforts while limiting compliance risk.

Protect Your Data and Unlock Its Potential  

ALTR delivers the outcomes described here through an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that deploys quickly at any scale and in any data environment. Using comprehensive data access control, organizations can mitigate security and compliance risks while saving valuable time and money. ALTR provides intelligent observability and control of consumption for sensitive data, creating assurance for today’s data-driven enterprise.

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