Forging Ahead with Simplicity: ALTR's New Integration with OneTrust

Forging Ahead with Simplicity: ALTR's New Integration with OneTrust

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OneTrust is the #1 fastest growing company on the Inc. 500, and for good reason. Organizations big and small, including about half of the Fortune 500, rely on the OneTrust platform to easily operationalize privacy, security, and data governance. This is especially critical as data (and data privacy) solidifies itself as the next big trend.

While it’s easier than ever to get value out of data, managing data has never been more complicated. Organizations have more data than ever, with more users needing access to data than ever before. On top of this, data is riskier than ever, forcing teams responsible for Privacy, Legal, Security, Risk, and Compliance to manage growing privacy regulations and attack vectors at the same time.

OneTrust and ALTR have approached this problem from separate ends: OneTrust by simplifying privacy and governance policy and ALTR by simplifying the implementation and enforcement of those policies. While separate approaches, our vision of enabling secure, governed access to data is a shared one. By combining our technologies, we’re able to meet in the middle to provide a holistic solution for data governance and data security where data teams get access to the data they need, while governance, privacy, and legal teams feel confident in their customers' and employees' privacy, and security and risk teams ensure data remains protected. This is why we’re beyond excited to announce our partnership and integration.

Our partnership with OneTrust allows thousands of customers to more tightly integrate their governance, data, and security teams. We believe this will help our shared customers dramatically simplify data governance programs, using automation to close the gap between governance policy creation and security enforcement.

With our new integration, OneTrust scans data sources to catalog your sensitive data and create policy to govern access based on its sensitivity. OneTrust then uses this policy to automatically configure access controls within ALTR, and ALTR enforces your governance policy on every request for sensitive data.

This new partnership brings together OneTrust’s centralized platform for privacy, security, and data governance with ALTR’s advanced, real-time enforcement. With this, you can automate access to sensitive data and close the gap between policy creation and enforcement, at scale, in a really simple way.

OneTrust + ALTR. Simplify your data governance program through automation.

Check out the OneTrust and ALTR webinar, as we take a deeper dive into the benefits of this partnership along with a live demonstration of our new integration. Click here to watch the webinar on demand!

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