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ALTR's First Six Months Providing Cloud-Native Data Governance and Security on Snowflake

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ALTR's First Six Months Providing Cloud-Native Data Governance and Security on Snowflake

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It’s been a little more than six months since we announced our direct cloud integration with Snowflake, and during that time the cloud data platform environment has only continued to heat up. In June, Snowflake's third annual user conference brought a focus on Global Data Governance as one of the platform’s five key pillars and with that, new capabilities like anonymized views and PII classification. And the company’s just announced Q2 results reflect its continued importance in the market with 103% year-over-year growth.

In the six months since the release of our integration, ALTR has added new joint customers including HumanN, The Zebra and Welltok. And we’ve utilized Snowflake’s native features like masking policies and external functions to deliver unique solutions to our shared customers.

Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake, said,

“ALTR is an innovator in using Snowflake’s extensibility features. By utilizing these features, they’re able to deliver powerful data protection and security natively integrated, allowing our customers to get more value from their Snowflake investment.”  

We’ll continue to leverage new native capabilities to tackle crucial data governance and security challenges for our customers as they move to Snowflake.  

The Snowflake Security Road So Far:  

A Security-First Approach to Re-Platforming Data in the Cloud

Q2's Chief Availability Officer Lou Senko, Snowflake's Head of Cyber Security Strategy Omer Singer, and ALTR CTO James Beecham discuss how innovative organizations like Q2 are taking a security-first approach to migrating from on-premises databases to cloud data warehouses, mitigating risk while maximizing their data strategy.

Do You Know What Your Tableau Users Are Doing in Snowflake?

When companies use a shared service account for Tableau access to Snowflake, it becomes impossible to see and control sensitive data access by individual users. ALTR solves this with some sophisticated development in our platform that requires just a simple change in Tableau to activate. See how Snowflake DBAs can configure and manage one Tableau service account, yet get per user visibility and governance as if every end user had their own account.  

Humann Utilizes Data Consumption Intelligence to Better Govern Customer Data

Customer-centric hyper growth company HumanN is focused on creating and delivering superior functional nutrition products for the health and fitness industry. Because customer outreach is a large part of its mission, the company holds a significant amount of customer personally identifiable information (PII) in Snowflake so protecting that data was essential to maintaining compliance and trust. See how ALTR helped with sensitive data discovery, consumption visibility, and purpose-based access control in Snowflake, all less than 40 days.  

Plowing Through Data Governance Challenges and Security Risks on the Road to Snowflake

Our Director of Customer Success and Support, Jennifer Owens, works with companies to understand their challenges and help them build a plan to achieve their goals by utilizing the Snowflake + ALTR native solution. Here she shares use cases around securing consolidated enterprise data, enabling compliant PHI sharing, securing highly sensitive data and more.  

Moving to the Cloud Doesn't Have to Be Daunting for Small and Mid-size Financial Institutions

Small- and mid-size financial institutions might think moving to the cloud is a huge lift or a big risk, but it doesn’t have to be. ALTR Account Director Paul Franz explains how you can move your enterprise data warehouse to the cloud, easily and safely with Snowflake + ALTR’s “secure cloud data warehouse-in-a-box”.    

Snowflake Data Governance Buying Guide

Wherever you are in your Snowflake journey, it’s never too early or too late to think about how to handle sensitive data governance and security. But, it’s not always clear how the options stack up and what you really need. We put together this buying guide to help you understand the differences that really matter and what questions you should be asking as you evaluate your next move.  

It’s been an amazing six months, but like a lot of you, we feel like we’re just getting started on our Snowflake journey. And we can’t wait for the next step!  

See how ALTR can help ensure your sensitive data is governed and secured in Snowflake: get a demo!

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