DGIQ Live and In Person!

DGIQ Live and In Person!

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The Data Governance and Information Quality Conference is just around the corner, and we’re hyped for it! Data Governance has screamed to the top of many priority lists this year as companies adopt the controls they need to get value from data while keeping it safe. It makes sense, as multiple US states now have privacy regulation in place, with US federal privacy laws looming as well. We’re crossing a point where governance tools and processes need to be in place before you can appropriately use data, otherwise your company is at risk of not just data breaches, but the new and increasing regulatory fines that come with them. At DGIQ this year, we’re excited to learn more about the governance standards that are firming up, along with the trends we can expect going into 2022. Below are some of the presentations we’re particularly looking forward to.  

Aligning Data Strategy with Data Governance

This session is all about how organizations can incorporate data governance into their overall data strategy. We look forward to Donna sharing her insights into how effective data governance can actually increase your organization’s ability to get value from data.

Description: In today’s data-driven enterprise, creating a data strategy can seem more complex than ever. Not only is innovation in technology occurring at a more rapid pace than ever before, but as more business stakeholders become involved with data-centric initiatives, “people-centric” initiatives such as data governance increase in importance as well. This workshop demystifies data governance and data strategy and provides practical steps in creating a robust data strategy that encompasses people, process, and technology to provide concrete and demonstrable business value.

Donna Burbank, Managing Director, Global Data Strategy, Ltd.

Using Data Governance to Help Cure Blood Cancer at Be the Match

Be the Match has a noble goal but has to deal with extremely sensitive information in order to achieve that goal. Any healthcare organization can gain some great insights from this session.

Description: Be the Match has an important job to do, we provide cures for blood cancer. Data is at the heart of our mission, but it’s not always easy to see the role that data governance plays in it. In this presentation, we will review how Be the Match is successfully approaching data governance in a way that keeps our life-saving mission at the forefront of our data governance initiatives, and vice versa.

Heidi Perry, Manager, Data Governance & Services, Be the Match

As a side note: joining the donor registry for Be the Match is simple and easy. We’d love it if you considered doing so.

Analytics-Focused Data Governance

This session discusses the importance of a Data Governance Center of Excellence (COE), and how it can help operationalize DG in your organization. We’re huge fans and look forward to seeing how West Monroe Partners helps their customers implement governance for the long term.

Description: Companies gather data at increasing volume and velocity. Many have realized the need to create a Data and Analytics Center of Excellence. While we recognize there are several key areas of development necessary to achieve this goal, we will focus on key elements to building a successful Data Governance (DG) CoE.

Like any enterprise asset, data needs to be curated with the ideal end state in mind. Standing up a DG CoE early will define organizational needs and reduce downstream challenges. The scope and structure will vary by organization, but the goal is the same: Optimize enterprise data management to maximize value for and empower end-users throughout the organization.

The DG COE should include:

  • Organizational Structure and Engagement Model
  • Data Governance Maturity Assessment
  • Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance (e.g., GDPR, PHI, PII)
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Data Management and Measurement

Alice S Huang, Senior Manager, West Monroe Partners

We look forward to seeing you at DGIQ! Be sure to stop by our booth (#18) while you’re there for some fun prizes and giveaways, along with a chance to see some incredible people in person for a change.

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